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Recent content by Raab90

  1. Raab90

    Question about axe fx

    A head is a preamp + power amp. The Axe FX is a preamp, so it’s only half the equation. But if you plug into a power amp, you get a head.
  2. Raab90

    Power Amp Advice, Please? (And Sorry!)

    If you to feel like playing through an actual amp, get a Matrix GT1000FX and plug it to an actual guitar cab. You can also build a 4x12 with FRFR speakers, and use IRs and EQ to make it more flexible. I tried this once and it’s amazing. There’s almost no live (in the room) sound you can’t...
  3. Raab90

    CoverPot for AXE FX3 and FM3

    For me this is great since I hate the fact that my fingers may leave oils and dirt in the knobs, and I can't just take them out to clean them. I can just put these over the knobs, take them out and wash them once in a while.
  4. Raab90

    AC/DC - "Back In Black" Tone Match

    Spot on bro damn. Imma try this with my SGs at full volume
  5. Raab90

    Anyone buy their first 'real' amp inspired by their AXE?

    The Rockverb models got me into the Orange sound, so I bought an Orange TH30 which I think has that dirty sound while at the same time not being absurdly loud. I also got a Dual Recto Reborn precisely because I really like the Recto 2 models, and I’m plannning on getting a Mesa Mark V because I...
  6. Raab90

    Wish Orange/Matamp

    These are probably absurdly hard to find, but if Cliff models this amp I'll build a little shrine and light him some candles.
  7. Raab90

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    Isn't Verilog an HDL? How do LISP and Verilog go together?
  8. Raab90

    Little Tune, ODS on both guitars

    Oof bro
  9. Raab90

    Need help with Bass guitar settings

    When it comes to recording bass, this is a usual problem. There are two ways to solve it in my opinion. One is to put a multiband compressor after the cab block, set the first cross over (or low band compressor) to around 300Hz, and do some hard compression on the lows. This works good for pop...
  10. Raab90

    Elemento - Desapego (New song using the Axe FX III)

    Hello, New song by my band. Despite the ENGL being turned on at the back, all guitars and the bass were done using the Axe Fx III. (I'm the guy with the mask) Enjoy!
  11. Raab90


    I was reading about the JTM50, and it turns out this particular amp has a split cathode topology. Maybe this is why the JTM50 is a lot less fizzier than the JTM45, while keeping the same thumpy bass response due to the high negative feedback?
  12. Raab90


    Maybe you could help us get closer using an existing amp model?
  13. Raab90


    Well, I split the signal into a high path and low path. Then I use a modded and cranked 100 watt plexi with bass IRs and a hi pass filter for the high path, and an SV400 and a low pass filter for the low path. I then use the RTA block to make sure the crossover is around 300Hz (or whatever area...
  14. Raab90


    That's my new favorite amp tbh, it's the sound I've always wanted, and I'm considerng buying a Metro replica or something. I tried getting a similar tone by modding a JTM45 in the Axe but I couldn't quite get there, maybe bc there's no way to change some cap values. Or maybe I just suck at deep...
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