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Recent content by R.D.

  1. R.D.

    Carol-Anns V6 - Burgs - Free Preset and amusing (I hope!) demo.

    For years I wanted the "R.D." Artist version ( for obvious reasons 😉 ) ..., but after I got a chance to play one the fingerboard was almost as wide as a classical guitar :( ..., it wasn't very comfortable to play with my small hands !
  2. R.D.

    6.01 vs 5.09b

    Especially after YouTube's compression gets a hold of it :mad: !
  3. R.D.

    Carol-Anns V6 - Burgs - Free Preset and amusing (I hope!) demo.

    DAMN ! That guitar sounds AWESOME !
  4. R.D.

    "Brown Sound" Artist Pack | Based on Eddie Van Halen's guitar tones (ML Sound Lab)

    In fact he did ..., his live rig was 2 - 4 x 12" cabs ..., one loaded w/ "Greenbacks" and the other loaded w/ the JBL's. That said, IIRC the JBL's were never mic'ed in the studio, just the Cab w/ the Greenbacks ! Unfortunately I think the stems that are out there are captured AFTER the final...
  5. R.D.

    Singtall Cabinet

    I've had a couple of days to dig into the preset and I noticed that you 'modified' quite a few of the stock settings ( pre-amp / power amp / etc; ). I was surprised the difference that it made ! I love the Friedman Amps ..., but sometimes they can actually be too "thick" for my taste ( for...
  6. R.D.

    Singtall Cabinet

    I loaded that up last night and gave it a spin. It's a really nice sound ! What cabinet / speaker combination is it ? And ..., the 'waveform' in the CAB block looks very "interesting" .... Any details that you're prepared to share yet ?
  7. R.D.

    "Brown Sound" Artist Pack | Based on Eddie Van Halen's guitar tones (ML Sound Lab)

    I have NO DOUBT that these are very faithful to the recorded tones. That said ..., supposedly not every V.H. record was recorded w/ Eddie's famous Marshall .... IIRC - the "legend" is that "Carnal Knowldege" was recorded w/ a proto-type CAE Preamp fed into the power section of one of Luke's...
  8. R.D.

    Optical Compressor

    Post both Amp & Cab block .... Kinda like you'd add compression at the board as you were recording ( or after ) ....
  9. R.D.

    Optical Compressor

    I don't have the link any longer, but I jotted down the settings .... Threshold - to taste ( I use -30 dB ) Compression - 2.30 Attack - 1.452 ms Release - 100.40 ms Auto Att/Rel OFF Look Ahead - 1.000 ms Light Type - Tungsten...
  10. R.D.

    How do I make the 2290/DMM/Vintage Digital stereo?

    It doesn't do what you 'think' it does .... I used to use the 2290 w/a "Dual" config. But Cliff set me straight on how it really works .... Check this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/dual-delay-option-for-dlx-memory-man.136762/#post-1621088
  11. R.D.

    Dream Warriors

    Do I sense a Dokken tribute band in your near future ? Great job ..., I know that Lynch is one of your favorites ..., mine too !
  12. R.D.

    Wall of Guitars

    Yes ..., but this one goes to "11" ;) ....
  13. R.D.

    Free Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Amp Match Preset (ML Sound Lab)

    I used to own a MK IIC+ 1 x 12" combo .... Because of the small ( sometimes very small ) stages we used to play ( regrettably ) I only got to run it through a 4 x 12" a few times .... This sounds SO much like my memory of that it's almost scary ! And even though I can certainly appreciate his...
  14. R.D.

    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    Oh yeah ..., the sheet pan was fine, it was the rack that was the problem. I thought I was going to have to scrub each one w/ steel wool to get the grease off ....
  15. R.D.

    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    Tried that and didn't care for it .... The bacon did come out perfectly ( right between crispy and flaccid ) ..., but the clean up ? Not so much ! The bacon grease 'baked' on the rack I was using and it took forever to scrub it clean again :( ....
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