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Recent content by R.D.

  1. R.D.

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets for Version 11.xx

    Oh ..., count me in for that ! And like it was stated above ..., I'd be more than happy to pay for the knowledge !
  2. R.D.

    Ungodly preset

    Here's what I've been experimenting with: Stock - ( basically this is @2112 's suggestions ! ) .... #842 - 4x12 Recto ST 57M C YA #848 - 4x12 Recto ST 121 Brt YA ( -6 dB ) User - CK USA Trad SM57-MD421 01 - or - ML-MEGA-OS 57-A And for the 'new' speaker impedance parameter .... 4x12 Recto...
  3. R.D.

    Swiss Army Knife Guitar

    Suhr Thornbuckers ....
  4. R.D.

    More Riffs, this time solos

    Don't forget the PRS Single Cuts too 😉 ....
  5. R.D.

    More Riffs, this time solos

    DAMN do you know how to pick 'em or what !
  6. R.D.

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    I'm regularly using 2 Amp blocks feeding only 1 cab block ....
  7. R.D.

    Ragdoll - "Save Me" - Live

    Is Harpo's still open and booking bands ?
  8. R.D.

    ZenRigs Morphing Preset packs released (including EVH inspired 'Brown Sound' patches)

    I think you need to double check the modifier curves in the Amp Mixer .... The Amp in row 5 ( bottom ) never goes completely silent. Mute the top Amp and work the pedal I think you'll see what I mean ....
  9. R.D.

    Let’s see those Super Strats!

    Now days it's pretty much set it and forget it ..., but you're right it is nice to have options ! The bridge is usually set to Parallel ( just to get a different flavor ), because the blower defaults to Series .... The middle I leave Split and I actually prefer the neck in Parallel too ...
  10. R.D.

    Let’s see those Super Strats!

    Series/Split/Parallel for each pickup individually .... That was the original Studio Elite wiring when Tyler first put it in Dann Huff's Strat ....
  11. R.D.

    Let’s see those Super Strats!

    Here's mine .... it's a Studio Las Nubes guitar built by Dave Dyer & Scott Chuhaloff in California .... It had the Floyd Rose when I bought it in 2012, but I added the D-Tuna as soon as I got it ! It has a Roasted Maple neck with a compound radius finger board 9.5" to 12" .... I had Phil...
  12. R.D.

    Let’s see those guitars

    Growing up in Grand Rapids, MI ..., my "guitar" mentor had one of these .... I'd heard the same thing that Les played them ALL before they were shipped out ! Anyway, how do you like the feel of stainless on your L.P. I've been jonesing for one and plan on sending it out to Philtone just like...
  13. R.D.

    More Favourite Riffs

    @Mark Day .... I think I've said this before, but it's been a while and it's worth saying again ! Your muting technique is absolutely unparalleled .... as far as I'm concerned, it's right up there w/ Reb Beach ! I love your tone and use your patches quite a bit ! And when I do ..., I...
  14. R.D.

    Let’s see those guitars

    That's the S#!T ! I had one almost identical that was a 1969 ! Major drooling going on here now .... :p
  15. R.D.

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    I wonder if reversing the phase of the generated tone would make the ringing stop ?
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