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Recent content by R.D.

  1. R.D.

    DOKKEN - Back For The Attack tone w/patch

    JB in the Bridge ?
  2. R.D.

    Purchased Patches

    Here's another one that translated very well to my playback system .... I don't know exactly what @ProgressiveRocco monitors with ( ? ) ..., but it wouldn't surprise me if it's Adam A7X's ( or something very similar ...
  3. R.D.

    Purchased Patches

    I'm sure that someone has already pointed this out, but I haven't read the entire thread .... My success on using patches of others directly depends on the difference in my monitors compared to whoever built the patch initially ! F.ex. .... I don't have any problems w/ Leon's ( @2112 )...
  4. R.D.

    DOKKEN - Back For The Attack tone w/patch

    OMG ! I didn't have anything close to that IR ..., and I typically don't care for V30's .... As a lark I tried the OH 412 Player Raw 57-B and paired it with the corresponding 121 and I got pretty darn close ! I love how it's chewy and cutting at the same time ! I think your PEQ work is...
  5. R.D.

    Yamaha SPX90 Symphonic + Pitch B & C

    Excited to try this, but I'm a little confused on how to set up the blocks .... Both in Parallel ..., but do they feed into each other or separately ? Same w/ the Pitch ..., Parallel or Series ( ? ) and do the Multi-Delays feed into the Pitch Block, or vice versa ? Maybe a screen shot of how...
  6. R.D.

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    @ProgressiveRocco Here's another one: There's even a patch download in the thread ( but firmware's have really advanced since then, it may not work w/ the current firmware ? ): https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/1980s-studio-rack-clean-tone-w-free-patch.170092/
  7. R.D.

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    @2112 ( Leon Todd ) @Mark Day I know there's more ..., but these guys definitely ! You can also search their YouTube channels ..., It might take some digging ..., but I think you'll find exactly what you're looking for ....
  8. R.D.

    Mitch malloy pete thorn vh experience happening right now. Jesus this guy can play

    Search Pete's YouTube for the last two weeks, he detailed how he did a capture of his SL68 and was running it into 3 cabinets for a W-D-W setup ....
  9. R.D.

    Mitch malloy pete thorn vh experience happening right now. Jesus this guy can play

    Unless he changed his mind last minute, he is using the Quad Cortex ....
  10. R.D.

    Axe-Edit III 1.10.00

    Looks like that just happened ;) !
  11. R.D.

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^
  12. R.D.

    Amazing! Happy Customer

    I typically use "more money than brains" .... The unfortunate truth is, I don't have much of either :tearsofjoy: ....
  13. R.D.

    Most over-produced/mixed guitar tones you love?

    Queensrÿche ( especially on Empire ) ....
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