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Recent content by protocosm

  1. protocosm

    First Impressions - Tech 21 FlyRig5

    I think Richie Kotzen helped to develop the Flyrig. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4Vm0K4IVw4 Start at 18 min.
  2. protocosm

    First Impressions - Tech 21 FlyRig5

    Hoping to get mine next week from the Bax-shop in Europe. They receive a small amount of Flyrigs. Next delivery is unknown that's why they put ' delivery in 26 weeks' on their site. Cool site where they created a pedalboard around a flyrig.: Fly Rig 5
  3. protocosm

    Your Best Buys in 2013?

    O wow could we see those?
  4. protocosm

    Blue Field: taking my blues outside.

    Thanks for all the LIKES. I've been rather busy with the new job so it's been a while I was here. I was quite surprised to see all the likes and comments. Thanks!! Practically all my sound cloud recordings are done with simple Garage band and the Mighty Axe II
  5. protocosm

    New demo: Pharma rulez

    Axe 2 , Jam Origin and Garageband. I wanted to mix some modern textures with some classic rock sounds. 1 ounce of hiphop 1 ounce of Scott Henderson and a tablespoon of Zeppelin(?):lol All guitar sounds come from the mighty Axe2! Synths are from Garageband. I used Jam Origin guitar to midi...
  6. protocosm

    Tribal Snack: inspired by...

    How did you guess that one!?
  7. protocosm

    Tribal Snack: inspired by...

    I am alway inspired by the great Scott Henderson. I wrote this song for my band and recorded it as a demo earlier this week. Not perfect but I hope you dig the vibe! Axe fx 2 Bogner blue channel with a love pedal. Guitar Variax. Synth with Jam Origin guitar to midi software...
  8. protocosm

    Axe FX II + Roland VG-99 = Axe FX III

    I suggested implementing Jam Origin guitar to mide software in the Axe II. No need for a Gk pickup. Works with any guitar . Check my blog for samples! Or check wishlist in this forum
  9. protocosm

    Variax acoustic, AxeII and Jam Origin

    Well actually there is. I have a SP compressor which I use for acoustic guitars and bass.
  10. protocosm

    Variax acoustic, AxeII and Jam Origin

    Poolguitarblog: Variax fun. Acoustic, sitar, banjo Some more Variax/ Axe II and Jam Origin. I used the acoustic guitar, banjo, sitar, dobro slide through an acoustic patch into the mac. Added some delay or reverb in garageband. Octofuzz into Fendertwin with octave from the mighty AXefx.
  11. protocosm

    Variax acoustic, AxeII and Jam Origin

    I recorded this today just to listen to the sound of the acoustic guitar inside my new Variax JTV69s. I made an acoustic patch in the axeII using just some EQ and reverb from the Axe. Via USB into the Mac and Garageband. The midi instruments were all triggered using the Jam Origin guitar to...
  12. protocosm

    Variax JTV 89 acoustic impro

    Just got my Variax JTV-69s last week. Working on acoustic presets right now. Just took a break to find out what others have created. Your preset sounds amazing! Hats off!!
  13. protocosm

    Version 10.00 Stuff

    Not sure if I can keep up. Great Cliff!
  14. protocosm

    JamOrigin MIDI Guitar No HEX needed!

    I put it on the AxeII wish list 2 weeks ago. I have it, love it.
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