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  1. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Another rule that wasn’t violated. I have Nothing but respect for them and know the intent is right. However, it’s gotten ridiculous in the last couple of months...and has nothing to do with the rules. Yeah, yeah, I know private board...free speech doesn’t exist I get that. But when we...
  2. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Reading your mind is simple??? It’s pretty simple for you seeing as how you are using your personal definitions...and we are left to guess as to what that may be...and get deleted if we guess wrong. So now my responses have to conform to what you perceive is a joke or lightheartedness...
  3. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Actually, I don’t. Hence the question...respectfully. How can I possibly know what you personal definition of “lighthearted” is? I know what I believe to be reasonable but even that is doesn’t fly anymore. So the question is legitimate. All I can go by is the posted rules...and yet it seems...
  4. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    How do we define lighthearted?
  5. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Amusing. Expect the Stanford Prison experiment to remove this any moment now.
  6. Project Mayhem

    Guitar Center Ghost Town

    Demand was great over the last year, but It is more than re supply. There are definitely vendors who cut off re supply some time ago. I want to say PRS was one that They were way behind with, and I seem to remember some pedal company announcing they were pulling product from GC. Why would you...
  7. Project Mayhem

    1969 Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

  8. Project Mayhem

    1969 Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

    They should make a movie about it with OJ as an astronaut;) And while the shining has some interesting references...theres Nothing that holds up to scrutiny, or the enormous evidence to the contrary.
  9. Project Mayhem

    Guitar Center Ghost Town

    Lewisville? It’s been said that a number of suppliers cut them off months ago. The North Fort worth one is pretty barren as well. I imagine they will have no choice but to shutter a number of underperforming stores. Fortunately, we have two platinum room stores here and I would think those...
  10. Project Mayhem

    Do you know who Jason Becker is?

    As someone who grew up in the eighties, I was exposed to what I would say was the peak of “shredding” Howe, Mcalpine, Moore, Chastain, Impelleteri, etc...Then came Cacophony (Becker/ Friedman) which was eye opening in the sense you had two very high ability players, which was pretty unusual at...
  11. Project Mayhem


    If I’m not mistaken, Cam is on a one year league minimum (or nearly so) deal, they will just release him. He has never shown the ability to throw people open...even at Auburn. You can get away with that in decent college program, but it will catch you out quickly in the NFL...there’s a reason...
  12. Project Mayhem


    I can’t say enough good things about my Strandberg. The neck, IMO, is just a better solution, took me About five minutes to get used to it, way more comfortable and your hand is always in the right position. I play/practice on mine three to four hours daily and I have yet to experience any hand...
  13. Project Mayhem

    NOGD - Music Man EVH

    Sweet. One of my all time favorites. Wish I had kept some of mine.
  14. Project Mayhem

    New Guitars Day - EVH Wolfgang Specials

    Nice! I have a MIJ special that I’m in the process of modding quite a bit (kill switch, graptech loaded floyd) basically want to make a lifeson axcess with a kill switch...yet retain the original sound. The most interesting mod though might be what you done with in wall power ;)
  15. Project Mayhem

    Low-cost tablet input for amateur computer graphics

    Wacom here as well. Been using for years with multiple creative apps (including DAW)...cant imagine any other way now. On the rare occasions I get caught without mine, my workflow slows considerably...and what's more valuable than time?
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