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Recent content by Poparad

  1. Poparad

    Vibrato Effect?

    Really easy. Take a chorus block and set the mix to 100 wet.
  2. Poparad

    Bug? 2.0 B1 MIDI block display broken

    I'm on the new beta and it looks like the display values on the MIDI block are broken. On either FM3 edit (running the new version) or on the hardware, if I try to edit values, they either won't change (hardware) or display as "0" (FM3 Edit). Moving the cursor on the hardware updates the display...
  3. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Version 2.00 Public Beta 1

    Goddamn this Archeon model sounds good! I thought I had all of my high-gain presets finalized but now I'm swapping this out for my previous choices!
  4. Poparad

    Button toppers for extra wide buttons?

    I have a Bright Onion 2-button switch for my FM3 and the way it's situated on my board, it's a little low down and hard to reach, compared to the height of the pedals around it. I figured I'd add some button toppers to add a little height to it, but I'm running into trouble finding ones that...
  5. Poparad

    FM3 reamp with USB possible?

    Yes, you set the source to "USB" in the I/O submenu in the setup menu and then in your DAW set your track to send to Out 3/4.
  6. Poparad

    FM3 reamp with USB possible?

    Yes. Just like on the AxeFx II, you change the input source to USB in one of the setup menus.
  7. Poparad

    Angled Mount for FM3 for desktop use?

    Why do you have the meters taped off?
  8. Poparad

    Xitone Active 12 Purchased - Should I have gone with Mission Engineering?

    I have two 1x12 Xitones and love them! I usually only bring one to a gig unless I either want a lot of volume or I really want stereo effects. Otherwise, one is enough and it's easier to schlep. I also had Mick build me a custom 1x15 version for use with bass as the 1x12s were lacking punch for...
  9. Poparad

    Anyone using the Morningstar MC-6 with the FM3?

    "One Control" MIDI cables have reversible orientation. They're only up/down and not right/left, but they're good for that and they're fairly flat. Not as flat as the Rockboard ones, but still pretty good.
  10. Poparad

    Recording Bass through FM3

    Also, with the FM3 it's super simple to record your direct signal along with the amp signal. I usually use the Soundradix Auto Align plugin afterwards in my DAW to make sure the two are phase-aligned.
  11. Poparad

    Harmonic pitch shifter question (help !)

    Here are the pitches I came up with from that table. You actually only need 3 voices as there were some redundancies in the original version. I'm not sure if it will really matter, but in case it does, the key is D minor (or F major).
  12. Poparad

    Odd routing question

    Intoodeep1113's routing will get you exactly what you want. Although, I'd make one change: instead of bringing the two lines together at the end with mixer blocks, I'd merge them before the delay block so they both get the delay effect. The mixer blocks are also not necessary unless you want to...
  13. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    I haven't had any freezes. I've played a handful of gigs (there aren't many in Ohio right now and even fewer now that it's too cold for outside ones), and I use the unit several hours a day teaching, frequently switching patches. I'm using all patches I created and not any downloaded or factory...
  14. Poparad

    Hoping For a X-Mas FM3 Special... Either FM3+FC6, or FM3 MKII, or both.... that would be cool...

    The only reason why there's a Mk II for the AxeFx III is they switched display screen hardware. A similar thing led to the AxeFx II Mk II where the old display controller part was no longer available. There's been no announcement of an FM3 Mk II of any kind so you're talking about an entirely...
  15. Poparad

    Attaching the FM3 to a Pedal Board

    I removed the feet on mine, but I used 3M Dual Lock to attach it to a Pedaltrain. The Dual Lock is extra thick, so it provides some clearance so the bottom still has some space for ventilation. Also, I made sure to position the FM3 so the air vent is right over one of the openings between the...
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