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Recent content by plyall

  1. plyall

    Tired topic, but I need suggestions

    You’re absolutely right, but that’s the price point for the MDR-7506 (and its predecessor the MDR-V6). I’ve got killer monitors and a pair of CLR’s to hear things more loudly, but I’d like to get a set of relatively flat cans in that neighborhood if possible. Worst case would be I buy another...
  2. plyall

    Tired topic, but I need suggestions

    Folks - I have 2 sets of headphones at the moment. 1 is the Sony MDR-7506 which I have grown to respect over the years. I had previously had MDR-V6's. My other one is the new Sony WXM-10004 (or something like that). Well, #1 just went 'tango uniform' on me. I have tried the other phones with a...
  3. plyall

    Octave fuzz like Hendrix?

    Thanks again! The examples you posted - I was on my laptop, and they sounded awful. Understandable, given the built-in speakers. I will give these guys a listen tomorrow when I get back in the studio. I will say that I really didn't hear that recognizable upper octave chirp.
  4. plyall

    Octave fuzz like Hendrix?

    Thanks very much! I did run the OCTAVE FUZZ on the AF3 through its paces, and still didn't get an acceptable tone. I even switched the clipping method through all of the choices - some were worse, but none were any better than the FULL WAVE setting. I wasn't using a Strat, but a PRS McCarty with...
  5. plyall

    Octave fuzz like Hendrix?

    I have used the OCTAVE FUZZ in the Axe-FX3, but so far I'm a long way from copping the Hendrix vibe. Has anyone else had any luck? Am I reduced to buying an external pedal unit? Thanks!
  6. plyall

    Importing Fm 3 patches into Axe FX III mk 2

    (Not yet helpful) - why did you do your backup as blocks as opposed to presets? It seems it would be harder to reconstruct the FM3->AXFX3 presets, as you'd need to remember the various blocks used in the preset(s). I'm of the school that backing up presets is best.
  7. plyall

    Question about frfr and studio monitor volume

    It's really your call. In my case, I keep my CLR's around 11 o'clock, and I keep the AXE FX III at around 9-10 o'clock. I'm a bedroom studio player, so that's all I need. If I needed louder, I'd probably look to the OUT level on the Axe. If I still needed more, I might crank the CLR's. The bone...
  8. plyall

    Would be cool to get a model of the rockman x100

    Has the program been posted anywhere yet?
  9. plyall

    Outboard Tuners

    If I recall correctly, the answer was '3'. At least that's what the owl said!
  10. plyall

    Urgent help need - Monitoring via spdif suddenly no sound

    Had you checked to make sure you had proper digital cocking? A configuration that works, and then doesn't, can be a matter of a missing or wrong speed sync.
  11. plyall

    Options with a third expression pedal?

    You're a madman! :D
  12. plyall

    Options with a third expression pedal?

    How'd you pull that off? I thought the AFX3/FC12 only supports 4 pedals as controllers. On top of that, how do you keep track of all of that? Do you gig? OMG - the pedal rig onstage must be overwhelming.
  13. plyall

    Options with a third expression pedal?

    I'm surprised you omitted a volume pedal - I use it at the end of the chain so it doesn't affect tonality. After all, as Eddie Van Halen pointed out, the volume control is really a tone control (ergo not really a volume control). I agree.
  14. plyall

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Tried to decode that without luck...you must be high!
  15. plyall

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Really? Spectral's BRAND is all over the other stuff. How can this be right?
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