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Recent content by plyall

  1. plyall

    Mac USB recording issue

    Jumping in late, and I'm not sure if you have wrangled with this yet... Garage (Garbage) Band has a fixed recording sample rate of 44.1Khz. The AxeIII has a fixed sample rate of 48Khz. If you're recording digitally, this will matter, unless you have something (like a DAW) converting the rates...
  2. plyall

    Headphones ohms

    I have been using these for years... I highly recommend them. Be careful though - I believe there was a period when counterfeit phones made it onto the market.
  3. plyall

    No sound from Mac by USB

    I'm hopping in late on this thread. Here's what works for me: 1. Turn the AF3 off (leave the USB connected) 2. Boot your computer 3. Once the computer is up, now turn on the AF3. By the way - the output selection will send all output to the AF3... so unless your monitors are connected to the...
  4. plyall

    Deep Tweaks for the Axe-Fx III

    While I certainly understand the desire for a centralized resource (mebbe Hot Tips for your AF3), I would offer that the Wiki has a massive amount of assembled knowledge for free. If money is no issue, tale Cooper Carter's online class (I believe $120). I haven't taken it yet, but plan to...
  5. plyall

    Axe-Fx lll & Apollo Twin hookup

    Brad - I also have an Apollo and it does have an optical in (only). You can set it to use either SPDIF or ADAT formatted content. I happen to use it presently to make the Apollo is clocking the same as my other audio interfaces.
  6. plyall

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Al - when I fired up the latest FracTool, I attempted to do a backup of the Axe-FX3. I got timeouts on every bank (and so on). Admittedly it's been a while since I used this utility, but I'm betting something's wrong.
  7. plyall

    Is my I/O plan sound? Will this work??

    Actually (as a previous resister of this approach), I recommend using the USB DI's and processed channels as your source. This will free up additional analog inputs. For years I have recorded the analog 1 outputs to my DAW via an RME interface. This allowed you sample rate flexibility. If your...
  8. plyall

    You gotta fight.......

    Sorry dude - I was reading the forums a different way. Please do carry on!
  9. plyall

    You gotta fight.......

    I'm betting that this is not a sports forum. Wasted bandwidth/time.
  10. plyall

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    For a datapoint, I use the Shure. Lovely little unit, sounds great (i.e. not at all), and has a really slick battery recharger built into it. Buy an extra battery ($30 or so) and you're ready for anything.
  11. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    While that may e the case, I think we're looking at a much larger problem here.
  12. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    The microphone isn't being used.
  13. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Matt/Cliff - is this something we should open a ticket with support to get help?
  14. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    I see. I have no visibility into the Windows world, but I feel badly that they are experiencing the same pain.
  15. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Again - it may be an Apple issue, BUT since many of us are locked into that world, we really need the help of Fractal to help us analyze the issue. We need to be able to use our Fractal gear in a relatively seamless manner.
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