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plyall's latest activity

  • plyall
    plyall replied to the thread Mac USB recording issue.
    Jumping in late, and I'm not sure if you have wrangled with this yet... Garage (Garbage) Band has a fixed recording sample rate of...
  • plyall
    plyall replied to the thread Headphones ohms.
    I have been using these for years... I highly recommend them. Be careful though - I believe there was a period when counterfeit phones...
  • plyall
    Not sure if this is what you're talking about - but - I'll try and help. I have my computer going into the Axe Fx via USB and use Out 4...
  • plyall
    plyall replied to the thread No sound from Mac by USB.
    I'm hopping in late on this thread. Here's what works for me: 1. Turn the AF3 off (leave the USB connected) 2. Boot your computer 3...
  • plyall
    plyall replied to the thread Deep Tweaks for the Axe-Fx III.
    While I certainly understand the desire for a centralized resource (mebbe Hot Tips for your AF3), I would offer that the Wiki has a...
  • plyall
    plyall replied to the thread Axe-Fx lll & Apollo Twin hookup.
    Brad - I also have an Apollo and it does have an optical in (only). You can set it to use either SPDIF or ADAT formatted content. I...
  • plyall
    plyall reacted to 2112's post in the thread Axe-Fx lll & Apollo Twin hookup with Like Like.
    yep, Axe out 1 - Apollo mic pre's sounds great. I got a SPDIF -> Optical converter to run mine which makes all the cabling cleaner and...
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