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Recent content by pjrake

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    Suhr Reactive Load & Axe FX Question

    Yes, of course. I was not clear in my signal chain, but yes, the DI line out of the Suhr into the input of the Fractal... -PJ
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    Suhr Reactive Load & Axe FX Question

    In my home studio I normally use my Axe FX to track guitars with clients, but sometimes they want to use an amp head. I've been using the Suhr Loadbox with IR plugins on the DAW, but to save some DSP processing, I was thinking of using the Axe FX cab block only. Has anyone else tried this? My...
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    New YouTube channel and my first mix tutorial video!

    Checking it out now. Supporting a fellow AxeFX member \m/ BTW, I love Steven Slate's stuff! Excellent!!! -PJ
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    Axe fx 2 and wireless units front vs rear input

    Been using my wireless live using the back input for years. Never made a difference to me. -PJ
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    Best practices when setting up for a gig

    Bring a DI box. If there's no soundguy, whoever is adjusting the levels for the main vocal mic should be able to add another mic level channel. Just flatline the EQ and you're set! -PJ
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    Using the Axe with In Ear Monitors?

    Awesome! Would love to see your signal path for it :) Are you using inputs 1-8 for your INS and 9-16 as your OUTS?
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    Using the Axe with In Ear Monitors?

    You're using the X32 as the splitter or have a separate mic split (like the ART)?
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    Queensrÿche - I Don't Believe In Love FULL COVER w/vocals [VIDEO]

    Vocals using an SM57? Awesome! Great job all around!!! \m/
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    IEMs + FOH and use of Reverb?

    We use the X32Rack as a split monitor. Dry signal to the FOH, and the X32 reverbs to my ears. Sounds great! -PJ
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    Logic Keeps Scanning Audio Units

    I have my X32 hooked up as my audio interface in Logic and I want to have the Axe FX hooked up to the same computer, but only so I can use Axe Edit, not as an audio interface. A window keeps popping up in Logic that it finds the Axe FX as an audio device and ask me if I want to use it. When I...
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    Hans van Andel (Vafam Sound, Rack Panels)

    I ordered quite a few panels from him. Always top quality and service. Prayers to his family. -PJ
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    With Quantum Still Boosting FRFR

    Are people still using the PEQ boost for FRFR with the new firmware? Been using it since day one, along with the 'clean boost' OD block before the amp but noticed I don't need the OD anymore and will probably remove the PEQ block if I have to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    X32 mixer and in ears

    For those using android tablets the Mix Station app lets you pan. I'm using an IXM unit and using the headphones out of the X32 Rack. My "mix" is really the main mix so I use a Google Nexus 7 to mix my in ears. The drummer has a P16 and the rest are using the iPhone app. Works great so far...
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    X32 mixer and in ears

    This is a great thread for those who use in-ears on stage. Currently I'm using stereo out to my ears, and originally I had the panning similar to where the other musicians are onstage (got this tip from JamHub guys). However, lately I've been mixing more like an "engineer" (which I am totally...
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    Help choosing Bare Knuckle pickups.

    I have the Painkillers installed on my Les Paul. I also emailed them years back (about 4-5 years ago) and they recommended the Painkillers. Never looked back; love them! PJ
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