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Recent content by pima1234

  1. pima1234

    "A Really Good Price"

    Spherical, yet quite pointy in parts. "Heed! Pants! Now!"
  2. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I can recommend the Ammoon one, based on my experience. It's an inexpensive solution, and I'm impressed. The key is "will it hold up over a long gig?". That is not something I've tested.
  3. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    FYI, the Ammoon wireless system has been working flawlessly.
  4. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    There is a new router in the sanctuary. But really, last evening, it was solid. For whatever reason, this past Sunday morning, it didn't connect. So, good ol' cable as a backup.
  5. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Worked well at rehearsal this evening. It does seem to be a little finicky, but was solid for a good hour and 1/2.
  6. pima1234

    Good Week for New Music

    Putting the album in my cart now. (And that's very rare anymore, but man... Bruce Hornsby, from back in the day? Some good stuff.)
  7. pima1234

    Good Week for New Music

    That Bruce Hornsby album has a Sting meets Eels kind of thing going on, with bit of Discipline album in there. Very cool. I'd have to listen to more, obviously...
  8. pima1234

    Embedded Programming in decline

    Part of the problem are the companies themselves. Not looking for the best product to sell and ones which can be contintually improved upon. That's what's become all too rare.
  9. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I'll know after tomorrow morning.
  10. pima1234

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    My 2009 iMac is still kicking. Granted, I don't anything intensive with it ('cept all those open tabs in Chrome... lol).
  11. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I ordered the Ammoon 5.8ghz one available on Amazon. So far so good. Less than 1/2 the price.
  12. pima1234

    Do you think Gibson Guitars new CEO can turn the company around?

    The main thing that will help them is restructuring their debt. Without that, no recovery would have been possible.
  13. pima1234

    Chair, yes chair

    Roc n Soc drum throne. Also, The Guitar Chair. I'm really a classical guitarist, so that is wonderful. Expensive, but worth it. https://originalguitarchair.com/
  14. pima1234

    U2 - “Zooropa 360” Clip

    Really not bad. Sounds pretty close to that live version. The original studio album takes it, IMO, but still a nice job trying to replicate that live sound.
  15. pima1234

    Drive Block Status

    I completely agree. I used to own a room full of very nice amps (cabs too, of course), and tons of pedals. My favorite tones (clean, break-up, drive, etc.) always came from the actual amp. No pedal replicates that fully. The only thing that came really close were the Kingsley pedals. They are my...
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