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Recent content by Phostenix

  1. Phostenix

    Is it a "Patch" or a "Preset"?

    OK, so they're parsets, then. Done.
  2. Phostenix

    Here is an odd situation..

    PlaysARobin, I'd just add these thoughts: 1. You need to start & end with talking to the leader. Find out what he's thinking and work through that. 2. Ultimately, you are there to serve the people. Can you play through someone else's rig if that's what they require? 3. This is where the Spirit...
  3. Phostenix

    Here is an odd situation..

    Try the Vineyard UK churches. :)
  4. Phostenix

    How To Speak Brithish

    How To Speak British Brilliant! I'll start using these phrases straight away.
  5. Phostenix

    This is FIRMware 15

    The recent comments here (and on the typical guitar forum) make me wonder. It seems that anything good must always be compared to porn and masturbation. Is that really the best thing most guys have experienced in life? Sent using Tapatalk 4.
  6. Phostenix

    Less gain in fw15 compared to fw14???

    I didn't realize so many Axe owners were 14 YO boys. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  7. Phostenix

    Help me... help you.

    Tell us where you live so we can come over & help you. I feel terrible about this. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  8. Phostenix

    New Addition to the Family...

    I thought you were going to tell us you named him Cliff.
  9. Phostenix

    I am absolutely blown away...

    You ain't seen nothing yet. :)
  10. Phostenix

    Not impressed with Suhr or their dealers (a rant)

    I think this is the first negative experience I've seen someone have with Suhr. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  11. Phostenix

    When does Beta end

    This makes me wonder what your first post was.
  12. Phostenix

    Coming Soon

    How loud is the fan? :lol I'm very curious to hear (pun intended) more about the cooling system for the DSP. Does the FX8 have a cooling fan(s)? If FAS can sufficiently cool one DSP in a floorboard format, it seems very plausible that a full Axe-FX with two DSPs could be a future floorboard...
  13. Phostenix

    Coming Soon

    It's actually a perfect fit for Kemper users.
  14. Phostenix

    Update all amps ?

    I'm guessing you meant *wouldn't*? Sent using Tapatalk 4.
  15. Phostenix

    How I Spent My 6.0 Vacation

    You could take 2 Megaswitch M switches and gang the switching elements together if you could find the right size of square rod to tie them together. I just emailed Gunter & bought the dual Ms directly. They don't show them on the website. Sent using Tapatalk 4.
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