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Recent content by Philty

  1. Philty

    Marty Friedman Undertow Cover + PRESET INSIDE!

    really nice , good work :cool:
  2. Philty

    Marshall Plexi 50w - Scorpions "old school"

    One of my favourite Scorpions song :hearteyes: Well Done !!
  3. Philty

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    David Bray 4550 and Lazy J amps
  4. Philty

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Tri-Chorus is a must when you are a Steve Lukather, MIchael Landau and Dann Huff fan like me :D
  5. Philty

    Axe Fx with real pedals (Nu Tubescreamer)

    Really nice playing , what is the backing track you use ? :)
  6. Philty

    EXTREME - Get The Funk Out SOLO

    Well done Rocco ;) It's my favorite Nuno solo ^^
  7. Philty

    New Factory Presets - Axe-Fx II XL/XL+

    Thank You ;)
  8. Philty

    New Factory Presets - Axe-Fx II XL/XL+

    Thank you for all this work, Cliff & FAS ! ;) Just for information , Preset #320 "Walking on the Moon" have empty IR
  9. Philty

    Someone Get me A Doctor

    I have XL+ with 8.02, all fine ;)
  10. Philty

    Someone Get me A Doctor

    FAS Brown with Stereo UltraRes #103 4x12 Basketweave TV Mix (one with 57 Dyn, other with E609 Dyn)
  11. Philty

    Someone Get me A Doctor

    Really thanks for sharing your preset ;) PS: can't stop playing with my Suhr Classic (basswood body & maple neck, with DSH pickup) it's perfect !!! it's my favorite EVH preset now :D
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