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Recent content by Phil M

  1. Phil M

    Pete Thorn FM3 Demo

    Some ear candy for sure, as well as some eye candy! I had a similar root beer metallic Suhr Modern back in 2009 ... :disappointed: I also like how Pete picked the CCV for the heavy part because when I had an AX8, the CCV was a standout for me as well. It validates that my ears are working LOL!
  2. Phil M

    The interface in the FM3

    I was looking at the Audient ID4 and ID14 as well as the new SSL2+ Interfaces. I also plan to get the FM3 and I know that has a USB interface built in. If I have a new iMac and get an FM3, I don’t need to get another interface for the following home use cases (please confirm): 1. I want to...
  3. Phil M

    Favourite Amp models

    When I had the AX8, I was shocked how many amp models sounded good. It was fun at first but I totally got overwhelmed after awhile so I focused. I got to a point where I decided I wanted amp model/IR combinations that sounded consistent when I switched between them. I don’t have my FM3 yet...
  4. Phil M

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Congrats. wow, we’re up to June 10, 2019 already ... sounds like I’ll have to decide sooner than I expected (I got on the list 8/1).
  5. Phil M

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Yikes, I’m 8/1/19 and figured I had several months. Now I’m thinking it may be much sooner than that.
  6. Phil M

    Just got my FM3 on Tuesday...

    I agree. When I get my FM3, I will definitely get a FC6 before using it live.
  7. Phil M

    How will you use the FM3? Share your upcoming rig ideas!

    Imma plug my geetar init. I got on the list 8/1/19. Should get my invite any minute now.;) seriously ... Digitech Drop, Tuner, Teese RMC10 wah. I’ll let the FM3 do the rest. Maybe a delay in the loop as a safety blanket. I want to run direct and will try that. If it’s not for me, I guess...
  8. Phil M

    AX8 Serial Number Sticker

    YES, to the OP. My serial sticker has looked like that since new. A really stupid way to attach a serial # on such a pricey piece of gear. It’s not a given that everyone is gonna keep their units forever but no buyer will be interested in one that looks “shady”. But yeah, AX8 tones still...
  9. Phil M

    Got my AX8 today......

    I have an old iMac and even older Presonus Firebox. Through my crappy Behringer studio monitors, the AX8 sounds like garbage. But it’s the Behringers, not the AX8! I would hate the AX8 if that was the only way I’d ever heard it! Luckily I have some decent AKG headphones and the AX8 lives up...
  10. Phil M

    Fryette Power Station?

    Same here. AX8 into PS-2 into guitar cab. Cab block is disabled, power amp model is enabled for the reasons yek states below. I have different presets with the cab block enabled for direct recording and I look forward to using them when I can finally afford FRFR. That’s why I initially...
  11. Phil M

    AX8 suddenly loses all low end

    Does this happen when changing presets in the AX8 itself, or when switching via AX8 Edit? This occasionally happens to me but I associated it with AX8 Edit for some reason. Flipping presets and then back to the one I want usually fixes it.
  12. Phil M

    What amp covers the most territory ?

    I’d choose either the 100 watt plexi or the Brit 800 for that gig
  13. Phil M

    New user. WOW.

    Congrats! I’m from a similar background with the Torpedo Live and a few tube amp heads (which I still think sound amazing!) But the AX8 is “right there” from a tone perspective. Plus it has more amps than I could ever own, has a ton of effects, and is WAY lighter, smaller and simpler to set up.
  14. Phil M

    Creating a Preset from the Front Panel

    I will watch this for sure. I got my AX8 two months ago and have barely touched the pedal itself for preset creation or modification. I’ve been tied to AX8 Edit for that. It’s time to cut the cord ... figuratively, of course!
  15. Phil M

    Monitors for bedroom volume

    I’m a little gun shy on the desk top monitors, but I guess spend as much as you can afford and don’t skimp. My AX8 sounds horrendous through the Behringers I bought for cheap a couple years ago. I’d look into the Adam and JBL options listed above.
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