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Recent content by pdup

  1. pdup

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    And it's WEEK-END - thanks.
  2. pdup

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Matchbox D-30 (Matchless DC-30)

    Before I got the Axe I had a Matchless Phoenix (EL34 plus EF86 in ch.2). The Telefunken EF86 pentode had it's fame in the first Neumann U87 condenser mikes - the only pentode that had a very low noice-floor plus overwhelming dynamics. When I got my Phoenix it had a chinese EF86 - and I had some...
  3. pdup

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Hot Kitty (Bad Cat Hot Cat 30)

    The only amp I'm missing is my old Matchless Phoenix with a Telefunken E806F. No Stand-By between sets. You could boil an egg on top of it, but it never failed. Still havent been able to Axe it.
  4. pdup

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    THANKS Al. Will def. give it a try.
  5. pdup

    Whoa!? Monitor differences.

    UAD Apollo and Opal's coming soon. And all my easy listening with lossless music will bring the hi-fi nerds on their knees.
  6. pdup

    Good by Forum.... :(

    Large Hadron Collider Quamtum generation into a parallel guitar universe.
  7. pdup

    Good by Forum.... :(

    Xenforo has very stable migration tools. No worries.
  8. pdup

    Come on Cliff... ;)

    Now my wife will never get her 10 carat diamond before next year. (Ohh, I forgot, I have my Axe).
  9. pdup

    What made you decide to go Axe FX?

    Exactly like my timeline. At least from 2013.
  10. pdup

    Whole Lotta Fun with Quantum Vox AC30TB and OH Justin York IRs

    Just sounds like the old, battered 1x12 mini-cab with splinters sticking out on every side that Jimmy used during the whole recording. I once had the picture on a drive. Some Celestion in a tiny cab. He used it for all the tracks on the II album.
  11. pdup

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Bofore I got the Axe I used a Matchless. Primarely with the "AC-30" like EF86 channel. Later switched the standard EF86 to a Telefunken EF-806s. I feel the same positive changes from 19 to Quantum. Clearer, more dynamic and "fluent" in a kind of way. And with a broader spectrum when dialing in...
  12. pdup

    My Friedman ASM-12 Review

    From a tech pov. the Friedmann uses a waveguide with the same radius as the woofer. You simply get a much smoother transition between both. In the most critical range of the guitar frequencies. Compared to other dedicated guitar frfr cabs that uses small treble horns or coax units where the...
  13. pdup

    Firmware forecast?

    Another bed-room players thread...
  14. pdup

    FW19.00 FAS Modern is sick!

    Thick and spanky at the same time.
  15. pdup

    No More EF86 Tube?

    That's one of the things I love the most in the Axe pre section. A completely quiet EF86 emulation. I have had several VOX and Matchless amps. And getting a tube that is completely noice-less is a lot of work. And the best Telefunken E806F (Used in the old Neumann mikes) is being scarse ... and...
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