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Recent content by pauly

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    12 String Sim?

    Also, check out @Moke s presets. He’s got a good one. Thanks Pauly
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    How long can you remember how to play a song?

    Sadly, about 25 minutes. 🤪
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    RIP Michael Gudinski

    All us Aussies already know, but just thought I’d post for our is friends. A very strong identity in the Australian music scene. His passing will leave a void in live music nationally. Thanks Pauly
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    How do you guys use colors in managing your presets?

    Hi, I find some presets motivate me and I end up playing them longer than others... clean, dirty, doesn’t seem to matter-they are just “good”. I color them red, and bass presets blue. Basic, I know! Thanks Pauly
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    StewMac prices are insane!

    Hi, Nothing worse than struggling away at a project with substandard tools! Like all tools, the good ones cost considerably more. Look at an axe fx 3 😜 Thanks Pauly
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    Covid - 19 Vaccine

    Hi @pharma07 Because we’ve been locked up, the virus seems pretty much under control here (Victoria Australia), but we still have Fuck wits that think it’s all a conspiracy and is somehow linked to a new mobile phone frequency - Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work and please don’t stop...
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    Axe-Fx III Sound System Advice

    Hi danepower, If you could save a little more money, it will pay off in the long run. Your monitors are one of the most important things you can buy, and skimping on them will make all your hand made presets a little dodgy (because they will be crafted to sound good on crappy monitors). Really -...
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Hi, I’ve only had a few minutes to mess with this (busy month), but I certainly feel a sudden jump in reality. Like others have said, earlier versions sounded like a pre processed guitar track whereas this is like a living amplifier next to me. Loving it. Thanks Pauly
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    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    Songs like that just don't happen any more. Thanks Pauly
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    Why does Fractal let Dealers out side the USA Rip users off so much ?

    Hi t4d, The cost is large, but worth it. As you get more experienced in life, you gain an understanding of what it costs to stay in business, and why prices do not seem to have parity as they cross borders. im telling you that the guys selling the axe fx here in Australia, are not making heaps...
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    RIP Rupert Neve

    Very sad A true loss to the pursuit of quality. I often imagined Rupert and Cliff to be of a very similar work and quality ethic. Admirable. thanks pauly
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    Cover of "Midnight Blues" Gary Moore/Peter Green....

    Welcome back! It’s been a while. Hope all is good. pauly
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    Do any of you guys and gals like wound G Strings?

    Hi, Another vote for unwound here - wound g strings are a bugger to bend. Thanks Pauly
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    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Geeze you ask a lot of questions Chris! 😜 Thanks Pauly
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    New in town

    G'day Gnarly & welcome! Check out @austinbuddy preset packs - particularly the gold pack as that gives you a suite of ready to roll amp and cab combinations for lots of common brands. Asides from that - all the usual stuff - youtube tutorials etc. ... oh and coffee.... lot's of coffee... :-)...
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