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Recent content by pauly

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    New User

    Hi Metalguy, I was going to pitch in with my explanation of scenes and channels, but it appears you now have it in hand - cool! In that case I’ll just say welcome. You will enjoy the fm3. Thanks Pauly
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    Wish A bass player and studio guy’s wishes ...

    If we got a GK 800RB, I think I'd piss my pants in excitement. Thanks Pauly
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    Whats the best place to do a high pass for a bass?

    HI @MackieFX Cab block is a good place to start. Thanks Pauly
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    What kind of foam can damage or discolor typical guitar finishes?

    Hi @OddManOut I used a big lump of felt... no problems there, and you can get it in almost any colour.. Thanks Pauly
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    User Comments, Recommendations, Pros and Cons

    Hi Troy, Just in case you haven't realised, you do not need to restrict yourself to four channels (at least not for amps and effects that can have more than one block). You can add (say) 2 amp blocks to a preset, and enable one at a time, so (for example) Amp block A could use channels A to D...
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    FM9 -- I'll Miss the Rhino Bars

    Love that middle system! Thanks Pauly
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    Awesome through headphones - unbearable through studio monitors - need guidance/help!

    Hi Nicklaus, It may be impractical in your situation, but you need to create a preset using just the monitors. Try creating and tweaking one from scratch using just the monitors. Thanks Pauly
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    I Lost my wife last night

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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    It’s to the left of the pedal jack.
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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Hi @Admin M@ and @FractalAudio That, my friends, is a truly beautiful piece of engineering and the product (other) people have been screaming for. Congratulations on such a stunning release. …to think that I thought you were “taking a breath” ha! You inspiring buggers. Thanks Pauly
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    Multiple channels of one amp in one preset

    HI Roger, Sorry - not at my unit so cannot share a preset - But you could do it by using different channels in scenes. For example, in Scene 1 you could have your amp block set to Channel A, with whatever settings you desire (hell you could even change amp models)... In Scene 2, choose Channel...
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    Food for Thought -- Why Fractal Is Better

    4/ Quality 5/ Enthusiasm 6/ Quality (they are big on quality!) Thanks Pauly
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    Talk me into purchase

    Are we there yet, are we there yet? Pauly
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