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Recent content by paulasbell

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    I wish Fractal Allows Me to Overwrite All Factory IRs

    I'm quite sure this issue came up several times in threads regarding the AxeFx2. My recollection was that Cliff and others pointed out that that WAS in fact the case. Can anyone smarter than me confirm or deny that?
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    I wish Fractal Allows Me to Overwrite All Factory IRs

    Sidestepping for a moment the skeptical comment regarding why anyone would need more than 2048 User IR slots... Perhaps the OP is under the impression that there is a substantial amount of memory that would be gained by eliminating the "Factory Cabs". My understanding has always been that those...
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    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Please don't say this TOO loudly...;)
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    Wish Tone King Imperial Mark Knopfler Amp

    I'm confused. I think I'll sit this one out...;)
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    Wish Tone King Imperial Mark Knopfler Amp

    Hmmmm. Maybe because more choice is usually better than less?
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    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    There is no one on this Forum who doesn't feel that, as well. Please be aware that there's a tiny bit of hope, as long as that announcement DOESN'T get made. Which would you prefer... a tiny bit of hope? Or NONE? Yeah, me too. And everyone else, I'd imagine, including yourself.
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    Reamped Guitars — Boxy.

    I noticed the levels on the DI are very low whereas on the Reamp track, they are fat. Does this matter? And if so, what do I do about it? Can't help with the "boxy" problem, though it's likely that you ARE inadvertently hearing both signals, combined. That would explain it. But for the level...
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    Virtual Rehearsal Software

    Definitely seems true. But another factor that I was told about (and seems to be important) is the sample rate for your own audio gear, that you set in your initial configuration of that gear within JamKazam. 44.1k is the lowest option , and seems to require less processing– so presumably...
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    Virtual Rehearsal Software

    That's what I would have thought as well. Until I was actually in a few sessions where people across the country "dropped in". There's an easy way to actually see a latency reading in milliseconds for each person on the session. In fact, more experienced jammers seem to drop in on a session, get...
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    Solo 100 Clean VS. Shiver Clean VS. USA Clean VS. Bludojai Clean

    I'm fairly certain that... Yes, MV means Master Volume, in the amp block. No, "preamp" means the Drive in the amp block. For those of us who grew up with tube amps, and still think that way, the word "preamp" means the volume of the preamp tubes in a tube amp... which in the AxeFx, is controlled...
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    Ares 2.00 vs Quantum 10.01

    I'd imagine there would be no reason for Cliff to have consciously changed those values in the new firmware. However, weird things DO happen w/ FW updating. We know that because folks report incidents often where stuff mysteriously changes– that shouldn't– after they update. Sometimes, redoing...
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    Delay and reverb sounds "disconnected" from the dry tone

    Agree with Chris regarding posting a preset, or audio. But in the meantime– trying to decipher the word "disconnected" that you used– are you familiar w/ the "ducking" parameter on both delay and 'verb? That parameter is INTENDED to disconnect FX from the guitar sound itself. Set to 0, if...
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    Axe Édit trouble ......

    I believe this has been the case for many years now. At least, it's been the case for me. I presume you're referring to a "Communications Paused– Click To Resume" box?
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    So is there............a no amp patch

    If that's EXACTLY what he's doing– using the AX8 before going into an amp– then of course you're right.
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    So is there............a no amp patch

    This may be quite obvious... but that "no amp" patch you create will be much quieter than all your more "normal" patches/presets. So, you'll probably want to make up that lost gain somehow. There are a lot of ways, including adding a filter block. But you also may want to experiment with using...
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