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Recent content by Patzag

  1. Patzag

    Genesis - Firth of Fifth

    Extraordinary! As a bona fide Genesis fan, this really made my day!
  2. Patzag

    FM3 Owner Confused!

    Enclosures for speakers are designed around the speaker(s). More specifically, the low end response is VERY significantly altered by the box design. Now you may be lucky with your mounting the speakers in your guitar cab... or not. If the cab is closed back, not ported, you have a better...
  3. Patzag

    Is John Mayer....

    Mods: I think this thread has run its course ...
  4. Patzag

    I Lost my wife last night

    Beautiful photograph. Somehow captures the essence of your love. I am sorry for your immense loss.
  5. Patzag

    My FM3 Board Setup

    Nice Scott! Intrigued by the TC Talk Box. I could use some of that Pitch correction! Lol! Nice set up and very cool rundown.
  6. Patzag

    4.0 Changing Presets By Itself

    Great. Otherwise do the Perform Page trick. Then you're 100% sure nothing will go wrong mid set.
  7. Patzag

    4.0 Changing Presets By Itself

    Jog wheels or most other encoders use mechanical/electrical contacts to actuate up or down impulses. If the encoder is dirty or defective it will most likely have to be replaced. In the meantime, you might try to shake a dirt particle loose by rotating rapidly back and forth until the issue...
  8. Patzag

    A/B/Y Switch Block?

    Multiplex will give you single options. For multiple feeds (Y) you'll need to use a Mixer Block.
  9. Patzag

    No reboot possible

    Have you contacted support? That's the first line of help.
  10. Patzag

    Outdoor gigs and led screen

    What firmware are you on?
  11. Patzag

    Getting your groove back?

  12. Patzag

    Getting your groove back?

    Thanks for sharing. There was a purpose originally when you were writing. Find that purpose and rekindle it. It's still there somewhere.
  13. Patzag

    FM3 cannot connect to Mac after Cygnus update

    Contact Support
  14. Patzag

    Axe-Edit III 1.09.01

    Refresh Library
  15. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Man, this is upsetting. I'm desperately trying to get through all the presets and scenes. There is no way to do this with a guitar in hand. Each preset - even the far out ones in the upper reaches of the banks - are so completely usable that I find myself playing MUCH longer than planned on...
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