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Recent content by paranoid

  1. paranoid

    Guitar too quiet directly in front of larger stage when only using house FRFR monitors?

    Were the vocals also Quiet in front of the stage. the singer has no amp on stage.
  2. paranoid

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    Cancer is the devil! rock on in Heaven @bishop5150 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. paranoid

    FM9 on the ... huge stage... with most important italian guitar players :)

    Must be you @Marco Fanton ! you have 7 out of 9 looking at you!
  4. paranoid

    NGD Charvel SoCal

    I hate to say it because I'm a proud American, but I also dollar for dollar prefer the Japan made guitars.
  5. paranoid

    Whats your favourite Greenback IR's?

  6. paranoid

    Axe fx II not working with Protools 2021/Big Sur/M1

    what is your setup? how are you monitoring? I don't have pro tools, but with studio one you can in the daw select the outputs from the axe that you record to a track, you can also select the tracks you are hearing as you record. in the axe fx I/o menu you can select the usb/digi out source...
  7. paranoid

    Fret Leveling/Crowning Tool Recommendations?

    I'm also with @Andy Eagle I level frets all the time with a good straight level beam with sandpaper wrapped around it. no need for expensive special tools, unless you just want them. Starting on a nice guitar for your first fret level will greatly depend on your ability and confidence in your self.
  8. paranoid

    Forbidden Riffs at the Guitar Store?

    sorry, I was also trying to joke, as a guitar store is a guitar storage.
  9. paranoid

    Forbidden Riffs at the Guitar Store?

    Thats a guitar storage
  10. paranoid

    Finally did it and purged the bin of random cords, cables and adapters

    That bin of old cables has come in handy and saved the day more than once in my world.
  11. paranoid

    Fret filing question

    I level with 320 paper on a metal straight edge, the files I tried were very coarse and you loose a lot of fret before you get them recrowned and polished.
  12. paranoid

    Wish New approach to CAB block

    Most of the IR packs I have give you a mic and position discription in the ir name. but you do have to hunt for it. if there was a way to move to ir's closer or further from the cone with out actually selecting another ir from the list would be cool.
  13. paranoid

    volume pedal

    you can set your expression pedal to be an external controller, and use it to control something like a eq block, or filter block to add any kinda boost you desire. but the volume block will only go from 0 to 100%, will not go over 100%.
  14. paranoid

    Mission Expression Pedal Question - 2 TRS or Just 1?

    Why not add the second cable?
  15. paranoid

    Very interesting tone wood experiment

    this tone wood stuff is worse then politics. If I like a guitar I like it, to me the type of wood that makes it sound good does not matter. the name of the wood will not affect my choice. I have 2 Charvel guitars that are the same model, have the same specs, wood, hardware, electronics. I love...
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