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Recent content by paranoid

  1. paranoid

    I have no idea how to record decent sounding metal tones. Everything sounds a little muffled?

    I think You need to give a clip of what your recording sounds like to compare to what you would like it to sound like. Other wise It will be imposable to help you fix this.
  2. paranoid

    Third Party IRs sound better than IR of my own physical cab. How best to build presets?

    No reason to not please you ears when you own an axe fx!
  3. paranoid

    DOKKEN - "Dream Warriors" cover video

    nailed it! Love the model 2 Charvel! My #1 is A white model 2.
  4. paranoid

    Third Party IRs sound better than IR of my own physical cab. How best to build presets?

    I like the IR through monitor set up better then real cab myself, you are getting a finished product, were with the cab you are not getting the whole signal chain like you hear on an album. I myself would go frfr with ir's for live, before having presets that are totally diffrent for studio and...
  5. paranoid

    Where to download MFC-Edit

    I am not up set that you are letting it be down loaded free now. I got my monies worth the first couple of times I used it for changing setlists five years or so ago. Thank you for all your past hard work and involvement in the edit( and help with users troubles).
  6. paranoid

    Guitar & Vocal training

    Lots of playing while singing. Start with songs with simple chording. practice, practice, practice. you can sing the scale notes while playing scales on guitar should help you get in range, if you can hear if you are in pitch or not.
  7. paranoid

    Where to download MFC-Edit

    I believe it has been discontinued.
  8. paranoid

    How do you live loop like this?

    Must be magic. A lot going on there. hard to believe it to be her only, and live.
  9. paranoid

    Link together two separate parameters to master volume

    closest I can think off would be to link them to a expression pedal, or maybe scene controller.
  10. paranoid

    These Charvels need more attention

    @Piing that lava crackle model 4 is pretty rare. I to would miss that.
  11. paranoid

    Was headed towards Strymon but the $$ are adding up

    Fx-8 is now Vintage, you amp guys should be all over it! A friend of mine has an FX-8 with a friedman(I forget which model) and it works really well.
  12. paranoid

    These Charvels need more attention

    For me Charvel is were it's at! I've been playing, buying, and collecting for 30 years. got close to 100 in the house now.
  13. paranoid

    Bug? Axe XLII+ completely freaked out

    Unplug the mfc and see if the xl stops changing presets. see if you have a stuck switch on the mfc. check cables.
  14. paranoid

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    Take it slow and easy, make notes(take photos) of how things are wired before you start so you can back up if it does not work as expected. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor when finished.
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