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Recent content by outloaf

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    Any advice on EQ-ing tone?

    Just take out 3-4db at 250hz on the amp graph .
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    YET another Q about power conditioners :eyeroll:

    Does the noise change if you point your pickups in different directions?
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    Attempting to record guitars but I get flangey, chorusy tones when I dual track.

    The only way(s) it would have sounded like flange or chorus is if either A.) You were monitoring through software and hardware (which will have different latencies)at the same time while tracking, resulting in phasing issues.. or B.) You somehow are monitoring in mono\both tracks are panned to...
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    Looking for authentic raw IRs without altered EQ-ing

    I'm not sure the bloated low mid hump is coming from the IR's entirely.. I've done tests with the real amps vs fractal models and I've noticed that the real amps have far less clutter in the 200-300 range.. I just knock 2-ish db down in that area.
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    Confirmed Folded tabs in Pitch-Block on device

    Any word on this? I forgot about it until I had to use the interface the other day..
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    Confirmed Folded tabs in Pitch-Block on device

    I can also confirm this
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    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    I know it's a beta and I'm sure the team is aware but when I'm using the nav knobs to scroll through amps; there's a lag due to the amp model engaging immediately where previously it would allow me to scroll through without immediately engaging an amp. Not a big deal but i haven't seen anyone...
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    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    I think Cliff has been pretty open about the status of the new firmware, beta testing and letting us know where it is every few days- being (from what I gather) a pretty significant overhaul; it's going to have kinks to iron out and..well, as soon as it's ready to be released; it'll be released...
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    Celestion IRs vs Other?

    Not to mention mesa v30s are different than Marshall v30s :)
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    Celestion IRs vs Other?

    There are a couple stock ones installed.. I saw your post about dealing with harshness and from my experience; the celestion IR's are pretty harsh . Check out ownhammer or York.
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    AX8 Shrill High End

    Odds are that it's not the highs that are harsh but in fact the upper mids.. 2-5k is absolutely brutal on the ear drums so try notching some of that out
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    I just have an ax8 but I find that I almost always have to dump a few db of 250hz and add a little bit of dynamic depth to any high gain patch.. so you think the lows are thinner in general or that the mud just isn't there anymore ?
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    AX8 high gain issue - please help

    Not a problem, I hope it helps. I will say that I get equally gnarly recorded tones from my amps and ax8 (along with tens of thousands of other people) so if something doesn't sound right, it's absolutely user error (which I have been guilty of).
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    AX8 high gain issue - please help

    For whatever reason the ax8 has inherently more 250hz and less sub (dynamic depth control) than it's real-life counterparts. Try cutting 250 between 2-3db and boosting the dynamic depth a little. Another parameter to check is the speaker resoance. Other than that, it's pretty dead-on .
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    Can't get my patches to sit in the mix.

    I just downloaded your patches but there isn't a cab included. But I did re-work your patch; not sure if it's what you're looking for.
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