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Recent content by Ooakoto Ootamaka

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    1RU engl 20 watt el84 poweramp NAMM

    hoping it's bridgeable
  2. O

    Question For People Without MFC

    I'm thinking of a small windows tablet on top of the axe at the moment. would like to hear everybody's thoughts =)
  3. O

    I'm afraid to bring my "A-rig" to a bar

    buy a Boss GT100, peace of mind is much more important.
  4. O

    Is there a way to control an amp through midi out of axe fx ii ?

    yes, if your amp has midi. if none, just look up RJM
  5. O

    Axe-Fx III idea

    yeah! that would be hot! bluetooth connections for MFC - Axe - AxeEdit on Android. Less cables, less worries.
  6. O

    Jblprx700, Yamaha dxr, or mackie hd 1221

    speaking of JBL, anybody tried the VRX915M?
  7. O

    Koch ATR 4502 hybrid power amp

    hey guys, has anybody already tried this hydrid tube/solidstate power amp? would like to hear your impressions. thanks! :)
  8. O

    How to make A Deluxe Verb Chime?

    chime you say? if all those suggestions doesn't work, try changing picks with rough edges and pick at an angle, if it still don't work try using coins! :mrgreen
  9. O

    How Do You Deal With Engineer Ignorance?

    waste of time to argue. just play. if your tone sounds good to you on stage, that's enough, got more important things to worry about. venues with that kind of tech usually don't last long, give them a few years and they'll close down. play your songs well and just entertain the crowd.
  10. O

    Sorry but I have to say it... JC120

    so nobody tried the JC using 4CM?
  11. O

    Sorry but I have to say it... JC120

    Hi! Anybody tried the Axe and JC connected via 4CM? Currently contemplating on one. How's the sound of the Boogies, Bogners, Marshalls and Diezels? The 'Worst Amp in the World' can get me through the night of around 50 songs with only my guitar and a cable, so this might be worth a shot using...
  12. O

    New XLR FASlink connection

    I'm sorry, I'm a bit late with any info. What does the new XLR FASlink connection mean? Will they also change the connector at the back of the AFX2 to an XLR instead of ethercons? does that also mean we can use CAE's RST midi controller? they use XLRs for midi data transmission. thanks a lot.
  13. O

    Which input for wireless conection?

    please pardon me, a total caveman here, been wondering about this for the longest time. how about the sennheiser wireless unit with the AES out going to the axefx' AES in? bypassing one step of conversion. i know a lot will just comment with "why dont you just try it?" unfortunately here in...
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