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Recent content by onemoreguitar

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    Atomic CLR

    @Tom King
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    Atomic CLR

    Yeah, I might do that. I’ve been holding off going the whole shaming route, but it’s definitely gone well beyond any amount of time you could reasonably expect for a resolution.
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    Atomic CLR

    The support issues may only be outside of the US. I’m in Australia and have legit been waiting almost 2 years for parts. That’s with me and the Australian distributor bugging them. It took me ages just to get a response. That was trying support tickets, and even Facebook. When I finally got a...
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    Bug? Amp block Whistling

    Axe-FX II Ares 1.03 I have a 2 amp patch that is whistling on the amp 1 block in scene 4. Doesn’t seem to be there on other scenes where that block is also on. Seems to be through all outputs. To make it go away, I enter edit mode of the amp block through the front panel or the editor. I can...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.03 Released

    Getting a great sound has gotten insanely fast. I had a rehearsal the other day and the bass player had another rehearsal straight after with another band. I talked gear with the guitarist from the other band for 20mins or so. He was going on about his dual half-stack Soldano and massive pedal...
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    I destroy CLRs

    I had a woofer go out on mine. Andrew at Independent got me a replacement quick fast. Called late on a Friday arvo and got a new one by Tuesday morning. That's pretty damn fast for Brisbane to Sydney. Haven't had any issues since. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Want to be annoyed? (Brad Paisley content.)

    It's funny, I wouldn't consider myself a country fan by Texas standards (born and raised), but by Australian standards (where I now live) it seems I'm huge country fan. In either place I'm a big Paisley fan. Always has tasty licks and an awesome tone. Great sense of humour in his lyrics as well...
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    About the Parker Fly Classic - I AM GASSING

    My first electric was a '96 Fly Deluxe. It was my main guitar for every gig I played up until a couple years ago when it took its first trip to a luthier for a setup. I also have a Mojo Spring #2. If you go on the Parker website or see any official photos, that's my guitar. It's the white guitar...
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    Gibson fights back!!!

    That may be so if it was a civil suit, but this is a suit brought by a federal agency. The Equal Access to Justice Act makes the government liable for legal fees if they lose and can not show they had good reason to bring the suit. They weren't saving legal fees. There was evidence against them...
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    Gibson fights back!!!

    Yeah right... Gibson paid out $350k because they did nothing wrong. That's like saying the financial giants were extorted and did nothing wrong because they paid a settlement that included a clause allowing them to deny blame. They didn't pay $350k out of the goodness of their hearts. They were...
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    We all just made the Endangered Species list...

    Let's see if you can book that band for a few bottles of whiskey and some slabs of beer...... Technically some very good stuff, but sooooo boring. Like has been said though, there are plenty of musicians that play just as mechanically and I find them just as boring. I tend to listen to a song...
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    NAMM 2014 Winners and Losers Thus Far

    It's a rehashing of an old idea. I have an old Shergold Modulator from the 70s that has swappable modules that do everything from rewire the pups to add onboard effects. You loosen a simple thumb screw and interchange modules that are built on to a front plate similar to a Tele control plate...
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    NAMM 2014 Winners and Losers Thus Far

    There are a couple really cool things coming out. The Keith McMillen StrongArm sustainer. The Touchmark guitar interface that replaces your pots and switches with 2 touch pads. He should change the name though. His name is Mark and I'm pretty sure I don't want to touch Mark... Just sayin. The...
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    NAMM 2014 Winners and Losers Thus Far

    Too bad. Was hoping for a next gen VG... not expecting, just hoping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Problems with dealer in AUS/NZ on MFC-101

    When in doubt, go to the source... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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