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  1. octatonic

    FW 3.00 is a gigantic improvement

    I agree- there is one thing that is bugging me though. I'd like it if Scene 1/2 reverts to the previous scene used. For instance, you have clean on Scene 1, Dist Rtm on Scene 2, Solo on Scene 3. Switching to back form Scene 3 for a solo to your Dist Rtm requires two presses as pressing Scene...
  2. octatonic

    Which are your go to drives ?

    Nope- I have a couple of 4 knob ones, never had the 5 knob.
  3. octatonic


    In other news, I'm giving you a pass- have at it.
  4. octatonic

    Which are your go to drives ?

    Tube Driver 4 knob. It gets really, really, really close to the real thing. Otherwise, TS808 (not the mod which has too much gain for me), Zen Master and Facefuzz.
  5. octatonic


  6. octatonic


    Do you know about the unbuffered tone mode? When starting up the device hold down the 1, 4, 8 & tempo footswitches whilst turning the C knob counterclockwise. It sounds much better this way- I don't know why they don't make this the default.
  7. octatonic

    This is an FX8 video I had not seen.

    I'll see what I can do- but fwiw the Ruckus is set with both the gain and tone on full, EQ is flat. Most of the time I run the gain from the Ruckus on 6 and the tone on full though. A lot of the tone you hear is down to the speaker choice, which is a V30 and a Celestion Gold. Amp is a CAA PT50...
  8. octatonic

    FX8 on the way to me!

    Welcome to to the club fella.
  9. octatonic

    This is an FX8 video I had not seen.

    That is my video. Glad you like it- it wasn't recorded under the best of circumstances- just an iPhone camera- I usually take more time. I created it for some folks on thefretboard.co.uk who wanted to get an idea of what it could do. It wasn't really supposed to be publicly viewable but I must...
  10. octatonic

    Show Us Your FX8 Rig!

    It is a T Rex Tone Trunk. Can't remember the size but it should be fairly easy to work out.
  11. octatonic

    Feel like the "red headed step child?"

    My FX8 is working just fine. What are people's issues with it?
  12. octatonic

    Show Us Your FX8 Rig!

    I have a multitude of amps- I just have different patches for each amp- some using the effects loop, some without. Currently a Two Rock Studio Pro Plus 35w combo is getting a lot of time.
  13. octatonic

    Presets and You

    I've never used any of the presets on any guitar effects devices, except on the first day to see how things generally sound and to work out the routing. I've downloaded a few from time to time to check out some routing that people do, but I've never used a preset for a gig or a recording that I...
  14. octatonic

    Who would you bring back?

    Freddie for me. By miles. Then Hendrix, because I want to hear what the alleged Miles Davis collaboration yielded.
  15. octatonic

    New MFC coming?

    Ok, no worries. I might hold off anyway (even though I can get one from G66 in Europe)
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