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Recent content by Ochanomizu

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    Firmware 11: Reviews and Wisdom

    Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission...
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    OK, I guess this in part answers my question re future upgrades for the Ultra: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/showthread.php?t=35997&p=490907&viewfull=1#post490907
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    I've had my Ultra since 2009, and love every bit of it. Personally, I wouldn't be over the moon if I had just bought it before the release of the Axe FX II, but that didn't happen for me, and I'm not in a hurry to upgrade to an Axe FX II at the moment, and no need to sit on a wait list. My...
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    Ironic Eleven

    IF 11.00 is the last upgrade for Ultra / Standard, don't you think it is kind of ironic? Let's hope it can be upgraded to at least 12, one more better than the competition! :-)
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    Are the Standard and Ultra now discontinued?

    Just a thought, but it would have been a nice touch if Cliff had have thrown in a new amp or effect in v11, just to sweeten the pain for those who just bought an Ultra and now wish they had've waited for the Axe FX II. Understandably he's been super busy working on the Axe FX II, and going...
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    Introducing the Axe-Fx II

    ... will us "pre II" owners (Ultra and Standard) still be getting upgrades for these models (with new amps and effects) on a regular basis? And how long will the support for the Ultras and Standards last for? PS, still in love with my Ultra, and waiting to for the Axe FX III... :-)...
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    Alex Lifeson Using an Ultra

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    Pussy Power by CIOKS

    ...it doesn't bother me too much. Maybe if I had kids around the house, I wouldn't buy one and have it laying around. Can imagine this power supply ending up on many rock and rollers' pedal boards for the crass factor. Whatever.
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    Amp Block Discovery

    Reminds me of the following learning model in psychology I once learnt, describing the stages of learning... 1.Unconscious Incompetence The individual does not understand or know how to do something, does not recognize the deficit, and has no desire to address it. 2.Conscious...
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    Motivation, do I wanna play anymore?

    I recently read these two books whilst on holiday in Thailand. Really puts a perspective on both motivation and talent: Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else by Geoff Colvin Amazon.com: Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class...
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    Living in the region and having many close friends who are Japanese and/or living in Japan, all I can say is that this is mind boggling. I was actually speaking to someone who lived through the Kobe earthquake back in 1995 just the other day before all this happened. The 1995 Kobe earthquake...
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    Google Image Search - Cliff Chase

    Some time ago, folks found a Facebook entry of a guy called Cliff Chase, wearing a purple Jimi Hendrix t-shirt and sunglasses (guitar fan at least). My guess is that was the real Cliff, but we may never know...
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    Aluminum Guitars

    Wouldn't want your tongue sticking to a cold aluminium guitar neck...
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    Advanced Alternate Picking Question For Those Who "Think Too Much"

    I can honestly say that after going through the Sheets of Sounds books for a few years now already, and having adapted my playing to suit, that my speed and accuracy has made leaps and bounds. http://www.sheetsofsound.net/ Previously I was either strict alternate picking, with the...
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    Aluminum Guitars

    Hmmm, thanks for sharing the info. BTW, do check out the Vigier guitars. I'm generally happy with the neck. As a side point though, I have had some problems on the Vigier with both the zero fret and the deep string slot in the tremolo block (causes the end windings of the string to come...
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