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Recent content by ocaptainjr2

  1. ocaptainjr2

    Auditioning cabs from axe change

    The pin in the top right corner will keep the window open so you can sample multiple cabinets without it closing upon selecting a cab.
  2. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Metronome Control

    As someone who doesn't play live, the request was for Axe-Edit for home use. Others have expressed interest in assignable controls on footswitches and the like.
  3. ocaptainjr2

    New Vintage Audio IRs

    Most IR makers use an a transparent power amp so the tone is as close to only being the cabinet being captured as possible. I'm sure someone like @York Audio can explain this a whole lot better.
  4. ocaptainjr2

    New Vintage Audio IRs

    Checked out the site and looked at the Mesa Traditional. The description says the captures were done with a 2:90 power amp, so my initial thoughts would be it is probably not ideal for the Axe with the power section already modeled in the Amp block. "...these IRs are captured with the monstrous...
  5. ocaptainjr2

    AXE FX III USB Firmware Release v1.11

    As a note, when I performed the update I did not get a confirmation of the transfer being complete in Fractal-Bot. Upon checking the AXE, the USB Firmware was updated to the newest version.
  6. ocaptainjr2

    Repurchasing Gear You've Previously Sold

    I also had a blue Morse like you described. I sold it a while back and while it was great, I am OK without it.
  7. ocaptainjr2

    Repurchasing Gear You've Previously Sold

    When I was in college and playing in bands a lot, I sold my Ibanez JPM P2 to purchase a first run Music Man JP6 in Blue Dawn. I already had a P4 and have since acquired a P4, but the P2 still haunts me. I still have the original JP6 and a few others, but with the current prices of a P2, I just...
  8. ocaptainjr2

    Can anyone recommend modern rock/metal in E standard?

    Sylosis https://www.guitarworld.com/features/sylosiss-josh-middleton-i-always-try-and-balance-out-the-shreddy-stuff-with-feel-and-melody
  9. ocaptainjr2

    To live is to die, clean

    Maybe this will help? Sounds like Jazz Chorus for the cleans on the album. https://gearspace.com/board/showpost.php?p=3723846&postcount=47&s=36f303a33b10bdbb2eebe07ef6b7e4e8
  10. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Peavey Rockmaster Preamp

    I went from the 50/50 to a Mesa 2:90, and later a 2:50. I put 6V6 power tubes in the Mesas and found it was a good compromise between the EL84s in the 50/50 and the 6L6s in the Mesas.
  11. ocaptainjr2

    Wish Peavey Rockmaster Preamp

    I love the Rockmaster. Still have one in a rack case in the closet.
  12. ocaptainjr2

    FS Price Drop: 2008 American Deluxe Telecaster - $1,500 shipped

    Price Drop: $1,500.00 USD shipped to US.
  13. ocaptainjr2

    FS Price Drop: 2008 American Deluxe Telecaster - $1,500 shipped

    I totally understand and hope I don't regret it. I will definitely end up with another tele someday.
  14. ocaptainjr2

    no distortion from IIC++

    By great, I meant plenty of gain (for me). Equal, or similar to all the other JP6 pickups I have used, but in your context, probably less gain than an EMG or D'Activator.
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