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Recent content by nznat

  1. nznat

    How do we know the amp models are very accurate?

    This is super reverb preset and IR in the link below. I was testing a pedal i build that is plugged into the back of the axe fx unit, but never mind that here. To me, it sounds so like the real thing. Ofcourse you are NOT going to get the full room reverb feel through headphones, but if i was to...
  2. nznat

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    very yummy indeed!!
  3. nznat

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Thats cool, very tidy, but how do you run around like angus young when the solo part comes? I guess when you run into the wall, the foam will help your face from getting to much damage?
  4. nznat

    Axe FX 3, JVMHJS model, IR, Script 45, and a little external boost.

    I set out a few months ago a little challenge in the studio. It was to do a bunch of one take jams. The idea was to listen to the first 10 seconds of a backing track, then stop it. Reset it to start, and then set up the camera and microphone and then restart the backing track to see what comes...
  5. nznat

    Gotta Love the Marshall 1959HW. Tuesday Jam Time!

    Real pedal plugged into the back of the axe 3 with IR cab
  6. nznat

    Gotta Love the Marshall 1959HW. Tuesday Jam Time!

    Yeah, I should have put on the red father Christmas suit actually. Haha
  7. nznat

    Gotta Love the Marshall 1959HW. Tuesday Jam Time!

    Its Tuesday, so it jam time.
  8. nznat

    A merry Christmas Gary Moore "ish" jam

    Just a one take Gary Moore ish jam on Christmas evening here in New Zealand. Merry Christmas everyone.
  9. nznat

    Help MY WIFE! (pick out a Christmas present for me!)

    Ill give you a good deal, a christmas price on one of these www.toneofthegods.com :-)
  10. nznat

    Headphones Choice

    Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro. I wont use anything else. they are amazing
  11. nznat

    Loss of output today while using 17.02

    YEs exactly the same thing for me just yesterday. I was in the middle of recording something, and boom, no sound what so ever, yet only for about a second. weird. It hasn't happened again. So interesting it wasnt just happening to me
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