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  1. notalemming

    NGD Strat Ultra HSS

    Yeah, I was going to ask exactly what model it is too. Fender seems to have so many variations & sub variations of Strats.
  2. notalemming

    NGD - Collings City Limits

    Collings are great guitars. I had an I-35 Deluxe but I just can't get used to the large 335 style body. I would love to get a CL some day. Collings does ship their guitars with 11's so that might be what's on there now. https://www.collingsguitars.com/electric-guitars/cl/
  3. notalemming

    Brett Garsed - random solo to an old demo

    Great playing & tone! Could you post the preset? Also, what model Strat is that? I love Strat style guitars but it's been ages since I had an actual Fender & am looking to get one. Thanks!
  4. notalemming

    Old X/Y feature from the AX8

    Yes, there's a guide for that: https://www.fractalaudio.com/fm9-downloads/
  5. notalemming

    Coming from Ares to Cygnus is a bit rough.

    There was a major compressor update in v18.0 so you should at least adjust the comp level so it's not pushing the amp input so hard. I redid all my compressor settings after that update. A lot of work but worth it! 18.00 (Axe III but is included in the FM9 firmware) Overhauled the Compressor...
  6. notalemming

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.04 Release

    Yep, right here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-firmware-version-20-04-release.186083/post-2307933
  7. notalemming

    Dad Jokes

  8. notalemming

    New Guitar Day!!!

    New cat case day LOL!:smirkcat:
  9. notalemming

    Dad Jokes

  10. notalemming

    May I ask the difference for the frquency cut in three menus?

    This is correct. The hi & low cuts in the OP's 2nd picture are for each individual IR. The hi & low cuts in the 3rd picture have nothing to do with the preamp or whether it's on or not. They are master hi & low cuts for the whole cab block.
  11. notalemming

    Dad Jokes

  12. notalemming

    2015 MacBook Air OK for AE3?

    As far as working with Axe Edit & Fractal Bot, it will be fine. I am still using my spare 2010 iMac for updates, editing, etc. As far as how reliable the MacBook Air will be, that depends a lot on how it was treated & how good the refurbish job is. In general, I have found Macs to be long...
  13. notalemming

    Dad Jokes

    Depends on the melons;)
  14. notalemming

    FM3 DI Troubleshooting

    Have you plugged the FM3 directly into a wall outlet to eliminate the Furman as a problem?
  15. notalemming

    Dad Jokes

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