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  1. notalemming


    Yes, I would gladly give up a user bank for this!
  2. notalemming

    Copying and pasting blocks without Axe Edit

    You actually go into the layout screen & then page right twice to get to all the block commands.
  3. notalemming

    All Distorted Amps Sound like Fuzzboxed

    https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Connections_and_levels#Main_input_level What is Input Level or Input Pad for? Input Level and Input Pad are NOT GAIN controls. They do NOT affect the overall volume level, they have no effect on output clipping or on amp gain. The control only...
  4. notalemming

    Just inherited this keyboard amp, any good for the fractal stuff?

    It could work for a backline monitor, maybe to add a little more oomph - amp in the room feel, Peavey has always been good bang for the buck but I'm sure it's nowhere near flat response.
  5. notalemming

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    It shows all 3 products here.
  6. notalemming

    How can I get the tone of my Axe Fx 2 preset with my new Axe Fx 3? Axe Fx 2 still sounds better :(

    You definitely won't recreate it using the same settings, especially what worked on Quantum as that is even farther away from Cygnus.
  7. notalemming

    How can I get the tone of my Axe Fx 2 preset with my new Axe Fx 3? Axe Fx 2 still sounds better :(

    Don't use your eyes & dial in the same numbers as your old preset. Cygnus & Ares for the II are night & day different, especially the amp block but a number of other blocks like the drive, delay, reverb & compressor blocks have undergone major changes too. Use your ears as to what works.
  8. notalemming

    Virtual Jeff

    It actually looks like it might be a cool thing but that term arm looks really flimsy & cheesy. It looks like it might be plastic.
  9. notalemming

    Looking for some help with IRs

    Those are presets. Here are his cabs:
  10. notalemming

    Possible Bug?

    The modifiers for a given block will normally be shared across all of its channels, but you can also limit a modifier so it applies only to any one channel. Change the “Channel” setting inside the modifier menu to do so.
  11. notalemming

    Help Playing through Studio Monitors

    Like Chris said, you would have the same issue with an amp. Why not use what you have loud when the wife is gone, headphones when she is there?
  12. notalemming

    If a used FM 3 has the headphone jack can I assume it's also has the Cygnus OS?

    Nope. The headphone jack versions came out long before Cygnus was released for the FM3.
  13. notalemming

    King's X...Amp and IR?

    No schematic maybe?
  14. notalemming

    Found a great amp/cab setup for cleans

    Is this a factory cab? What number is it?
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