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Recent content by nickxmix

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    Neverland by Dryland Marillion Tribute played with a Axe FX3

    Bit pitchy at times both vocally and guitar. Sorry for the neg feedback but go back and have a good listen.
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    Live videos from my last gig

    Excellent playing and recording
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    2 Minute Jams | #03 | Aurora

    Can you post that preset please
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    "Hope" by Stel Andre

    Can I purchase this preset separately from your bundle which seems to be the only thing on your website. Thanks nickxmix
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    I Just Play #6 - Ibanez AS83 - FM3 : Marshall Plexi 1970 🎸

    Fabulous sound playing is pretty good too.
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    My first try to record

    That GR 55 Sounded quite convincing.
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    Monty's Guitars PAF Pickups

    Great sounding pickups and riffs.
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    How and where can I download the 3.46 version of Fractool. There is no reference to the version number at the first page. I never can tell what I am downloading. Can this be rectified. Thanks
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    The shadows Wonderful land

    Where can I get those backing tracks. They sound great and so did you. Thanks.
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    Coronavirus "Free" Preset

    Thanks Andrea, I can't see anywhere on your site to get this preset?
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    How to display Preset Numbers Greater than 1-9 correctly on FCB1010

    Using Ripwerks I can get (01-09) showing presets 1-9) ok, but a bright dot (00.- 09.) for preset 10-18. How can I get it to show 10-18 on the number screen of the FCB1010. See attached Program and Pictures showing my program and the problem. Anyone able to help me reprogram the numbers. I'm...
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    David Gilmour 5AM - With preset

    Gorgeous. Love the Guitar sound.
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