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Recent content by NickCapp

  1. NickCapp

    In a (Summer) Jam w. PERIPHERY

    That's the coolest thing ever.
  2. NickCapp

    Just saw Coheed and Cambria

    Awesome. I've seen them three times, the first time in 2004? I think they were using Mesa's at that point. Amazing band.
  3. NickCapp

    Starting first Partscaster

    I've been wanting to do this for years, hope you keep us updated with pictures!
  4. NickCapp

    Just saw Coheed and Cambria

    Just saw Coheed (as well as Taking Back Sunday) in Miami and they sounded incredible. Their floor controllers almost looked like AX8’s but I’m not positive. I know they used to have Axe Fx Ultras, just wondering if they’re running Fractal live still.
  5. NickCapp

    AustinBuddy possible Bass Presets for the Axe-Fx III - what do you want to see?

    I don't own a III yet, but it would be awesome to see ANY bass related work being done for Fractal products. That being said: Cory Murchy from Minus the Bear always has sweet sweet tones.
  6. NickCapp

    New XiTone cab

    Ordered this guy a while ago and just received it today. Working with @MicFarlow was a great experience and would definitely recommend his products. I started my Fractal journey with an Alto TS112A that has served me well, but I wanted to see how the other brands compared. Wow. After playing...
  7. NickCapp

    BKP Abraxas vs. Crawler

    That’s what my face would look like if my head was a molar.
  8. NickCapp

    BKP Abraxas vs. Crawler

    Is it bad that I got genuinely excited to see that YOU responded to my post?
  9. NickCapp

    BKP Abraxas vs. Crawler

    I am thinking about replacing the pickups in my Suhr Modern Pro HSH and contacted Bare Knuckle regarding their recommendation. The representative I spoke with recommended either the Abraxas set or the Crawler set with an Irish Tour in the middle position. From what I understand the Crawler set...
  10. NickCapp

    Paramore just blew my mind!

    @York Audio and you played at Steph Curry’s birthday party?!?
  11. NickCapp

    Paramore just blew my mind!

    Closest show near me appears to be a 4 day cruise?! Haha, that must be insane.
  12. NickCapp

    Has the Ax lll shipped yet?

    It was actually 51 when I left for work this morning.
  13. NickCapp

    Sectioned - New Single - FFO DEP/The Chariot - FW4

    The panning towards the end really tripped me out when I relistened with headphones.
  14. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Thanks! I don’t plan to play through guitar cabs anytime soon but maybe eventually. Currently awaiting a custom Xitone 1x12 after using an Alto TS112A for the last few years.
  15. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Are you sure that you’re not Aaron Smarshallll?
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