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    I'm excited also to try full-res, but for the intended purpose, I would guess a select handful would be all that's needed?
  2. NeoSound


    You must be using windows 10?
  3. NeoSound


    You would play a riff through full-res, then simply use the same ir trimmed to ultra-res and reamp. Same thing we can do now with ultra-res vs normal-res, as we can select length of the ir in the cab block or with cab lab.
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  5. NeoSound


    could we hear an example of a ultra-res ir, then re-amped through the same ir in fullres????
  6. NeoSound


    Does this mean we could slice the last half of these long irs off and splice it to a normal ir creating a collection of rooms?
  7. NeoSound

    FM9 (Or FM3) small LCD vs Helix

    As mentioned in another thread a larger font could be helpful. Myself, I set the led rings colors that I associate with certain things. After becoming used to that it's second nature and I always know where I'm at.
  8. NeoSound

    FM9 Wishlist

    Only thing I saw after reading the release notes I could wish for is a second instance of the plex delay. With four channels and the two reverbs available I could make do :)
  9. NeoSound

    FM9 MKII

    They released a new version of that car each of those ten years you had it but did that really take anything away from yours? Exact same thing, someday there will be a new one, it's how businesses survive, doesn't change what you have unless you consider resale value, same as the car.
  10. NeoSound

    FM9 MKII

    Have you ever actually bought anything before? With semi-conductor shortages predicted to continue through most of next year I doubt the wait list (which I'm sure is incredibly large) will be caught up. I welcome new products anytime FAS can get them out the door! and that doesn't mean what you...
  11. NeoSound

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Where did the love handles go? :)
  12. NeoSound

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    The perfect gigging machine for my needs. Awesome release FAS!
  13. NeoSound

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    When things get quiet around here it usually means, Cliff is thinking about something... or doing something... or both at the same time!!?? It's scary and exciting all at once!!!??? We can ask and wish for more things but the Axe III is the most complete and advanced preamp/effects system on the...
  14. NeoSound

    Win a FREE Axe-Fx III & Jason Richardson Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar! 🎸🎉

    We love you guys and when I win I'll write a song just for you... I take you up north then you wanna go south.....
  15. NeoSound

    First single 'The Alien' from upcoming Dream Theater album out today

    I like it... I even like LaBrie's voice :)
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