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  1. NaturalScience

    Delay Settings within a Scene

    Do you have the tempo set to a note value, or do you have the delay saved as a global block?
  2. NaturalScience


    Clearly an idea inspired by the Boognish.
  3. NaturalScience

    Never got the love for the Divided by 13 amps. What am I missing?

    Here's another vote for the FT37 Low. I use it in my southern rock/hard rock band, so I guess it depends what kind of sounds you expect out of it. I find that the clean and distorted sounds out of the same amp both sound ideal, and my OCD likes being able to cover all that ground with just one...
  4. NaturalScience

    SPDIF out is working - but sounds crispy?

    Need to set your interface sample rate to 48kHz. Also, if you can set your clock source to SPDIF, that also can help get rid of additional noise, even if the sample rate is correct. Edit: By additional noise, I mean the crispy sound should go away at 48kHz; however, if my interface clock is...
  5. NaturalScience

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Finally tried it out since the Tucana is done and I've sort of settled on that as one of my main amps these days. Definitely an improvement but I did dial everything back in from scratch. In the past, I always felt like my tones through my Matrix and 4x12 cab weren't hitting me in the gut as...
  6. NaturalScience

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Firmware Notes: 1. Watch out for yer cornhole, Bud.
  7. NaturalScience

    Piezo + TC Body Rez

    Not exactly the same, but I had a Fishman aura pedal in my loop for awhile and would run my piezo output through it. It sounded okay in that it gave me a bit more of that woody sound I was looking for. But it was a pain to adjust once it was in the rack, and it always seemed to sound better...
  8. NaturalScience

    [POLL] Do you buy or have you ever bought commercial presets?

    Nope, love to build them from scratch and will obsess over the same preset for days. Not sure if it's productive but sure is fun. Then again I don't have a need for more than a handful of kitchen sink presets. I did download some of Simeon's synth presets to get an idea of what was possible...
  9. NaturalScience

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00

    This isn't necessarily weird if the bypass mode on your delay block got changed to the wrong setting for parallel/serial routing.
  10. NaturalScience

    "Rolled R" Growl, or "Burp Tone"

    You may not be able to recreate the sound with a guitar and no distortion, just because of the way the strings vibrate versus a reed instrument (assuming the growl you're hearing is like a sawtooth wave). If you have a ton of time to kill, Sound on Sound magazine had a massive "Synth Secrets"...
  11. NaturalScience

    how to set up a dual patch for a piezo equiped guitar which also has magnetic pups

    I put Inputs 1 & 2 at the very beginning of the chain, merge them together, and just switch inputs using Scenes. If you use channels judiciously, you can use the same signal path for everything. I also stick some acoustic IR's in the cab block and use some of the room settings in the cab block...
  12. NaturalScience

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    Yep, it's for real. You posted a video that's over two hours long with absolutely no context.
  13. NaturalScience

    FX-303 - Synth Tracking is Insane in fw12.08

    Been working on nothing but synth patches for the last 2 months and was actually looking forward more to these improvements than to those in the pitch block. Can't wait to update and see if the new tracking helps smooth out some of those synth "gulps" that happen when you don't quite play the...
  14. NaturalScience

    Any Love for the JC120?

    Oops, meant CE-2. But yeah, I've got the delay time dropped way low, as per M@'s suggestion in the linked thread.
  15. NaturalScience

    Any Love for the JC120?

    I just got tagged to be the keyboard player in a Cure cover band... with my guitar. This is not in my wheelhouse, but I've been able to come up with some really convincing stuff using just the Axe 3. The other day I figured I'd drop a JC120 in the presets so I can noodle around with the guitar...
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