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Recent content by muttonhead

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    Dirty Loops - Rock You

    Love it, they have Steven Segal as their hair stylist,Sean Spicer as press secretary and Mel Gibson as bartender. A fine supporting cast!:)
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    A Human Being playing an Instrument

    Yup, I saw this thread first.:) Saw her on Tim Pierce's vid some time ago.......Wash your hands!
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    A Human Being playing an Instrument

    It's Lari Basilio, she's from Brazil.
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    Lyric App

    For my ipad I use the Pages app and when I have the lyrics entered, I send a pdf of the document to iKlip Stage, also on my ipad.
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    A clean patch with foot-switch ambient swells!

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Cab-Lab 3.4 Mac Auto Update Download Error

    Mark got me updated this evening!!!!!!!! Thank You , Mark!
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    Axe-Fx 3 doing Chet Atkins (Fingerstyle)

    If you're sharing the preset, I hope all the notes are in there as well! :) Man, I guess I'll have to look around and see what I can sell to get a III.
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    Let’s see those guitars

    Here's mine. It's a 95 Jimmy Page. I didn't like the sound of it, so I replaced the pickups with some Sheptone PAF style pups and put some Dimarzio 500K pots in for the volume controls.
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    Live bands playing along to karaoke tracks - Moral Issue?

    When I lived/played in Denver,CO(1976-1993), the band I was with,, played a club that had a solo act for happy hour on Fridays. The guy that Friday sang to cassettes, it's the early 90's. So he's singing a few when we get to the club and then announces that he's going to do an instrumental...
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    A Fractal/Queen Story from Tristan Avakian

    When is somebody going to put out a cab pack with 2, 4 and 6" speakers?:)
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    Blowing the fuse on the AX8

    The fuse could be a surface mount type. There are some that are through hole mounting and are a shade of brown in color. IIRC, they have the rating of the fuse on top, i.e. 1A 125V...been a while since I looked at one.
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    [solved] AX8-Edit USB to MacBook Pro USB 3

    I’m glad to hear that they’re sending you one.
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    [solved] AX8-Edit USB to MacBook Pro USB 3

    Hi Mike, I’m a SGF member. I’m a steel player as well as guitar. Cool to see you checking out the Fractal stuff. Here’s a link to one of Mike’s amp rebuilds. He also does excellent Emmons push pull steel guitar rebuilds. https://bb.steelguitarforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=328070&highlight=mike+scaggs
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    AX8 Off Load CPU resources, Reverb ?

    No drawbacks that I'm aware of. It would be the same output that FOH is getting. You wouldn't want to be messing with the output volume as that would change the level that FOH is getting.
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    AX8 Off Load CPU resources, Reverb ?

    I'm assuming that the 1/4" jacks next to the XLR outputs are in parallel. If so, you could run those into your onstage monitor(s). You won't have separate control of the output at the AX8, but you could certainly turn up your monitor rig!:)
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