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Recent content by Muso4142

  1. Muso4142

    red hot chilli peppers?

    I agree with everyone that it should be more than possible to create sounds very close to his. But I'm sure many people like myself struggle to emulate the sounds we hear. What I hear & try to program in often ends in failure. It seems to me personally that the only way I can get a decent sound...
  2. Muso4142

    Polyphia's New Music

    Really enjoyed listening to those 2 tracks. Good melodies & interesting licks. (Way outta my league) Nice one & i'll get their album at some point. \m/
  3. Muso4142

    Hi, Would it come with the G&G hardcase, trem arm & case candy? Would you accept $2000 shipped...

    Hi, Would it come with the G&G hardcase, trem arm & case candy? Would you accept $2000 shipped to NYC? (I'll pay via paypal) Thanks Brian
  4. Muso4142

    A cover band these days? No way in hell! BMI sues bar...

    I'm livin on the edge...... jingle jangle...
  5. Muso4142

    At U2 now.. Where is Edge hiding the Axe's??

    He has his racks below with the guitar tech who also manually does all the effects changes throughout the show.
  6. Muso4142

    Need advice-Strat SC's and the XL-FW1808

    I had a weird reverb issue after loading FW18.08 & I messed around for about 45 minutes until I realised I didnt have the cable to my Bose headphones pushed in fully! (What a twat! .. me that is) :mad: Seriously though, try loading the firmware again. Many people have reported odd issues & a...
  7. Muso4142

    Extreme - Nuno Bettencourt's 90's Soldano tone

    Last time I saw Nuno, it was on TV watching Rihanna live in London.. Nuno was her guitarist! WTF! Although its not a bad gig looking at Rihanna ass all night! Food for thought. \m/
  8. Muso4142

    18.01 sounds different than 18.00 b7

    Johnnyh64... I reckon you been smokin! :D
  9. Muso4142

    Experienced users! Tips and tricks for new Axe user, please?

    Prepare to loose a few weeks of your life! ha ha (& thats just the beginning!) :nightmare:
  10. Muso4142

    Fw18... news?

    I have to agree with 'rlarant'. Best sounds EVERY! (for the record i'm 46 & 3/4's :D) That is all.
  11. Muso4142

    Fw18... news?

    OLDER! I thought this black box also had a time machine built in! Because each time I use it, I get lost for days & come out feeling refreshed. Bloody Awesome I say (The wife has other choice words :shock) \m/
  12. Muso4142

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    This is a good read as i'm about to take delivery of a fairly simple lighting rig from Thomann. I've used DMX before but as a simple sound to light/foot controlled affair. It does sound very time consuming but I'm hoping to convince a friend to offer some help ! ha ha Has anyone in...
  13. Muso4142

    [18.01 UPDATE] G3 preset collection (XL) for starters

    I've not tried the Firmware 18 Beta yet as I was waiting for the official version to be released! Now Yek has put these presets up I'm SOOOOoooooo tempted (My Wife is in Ethiopia visiting family & I have some free time after my gig on Friday evening... (Like 3 weeks of free time)... Oh go on...
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