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Recent content by musicman77

  1. musicman77

    AX8 V6.02 Released

    Outstanding, FAS! Thank you!
  2. musicman77

    AX8 V6.00 Public Beta

    Very cool! Looking forward to try this after upcoming weekend gigs! Thank you FAS!
  3. musicman77

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Thanks for this! Can't wait to try!!
  4. musicman77

    Welcome TREVOR RABIN!

  5. musicman77

    AX8 V4.00 Release

    Boom! Thank you!!
  6. musicman77

    Power Conditioner for AX8

    I've not had a power issue, and have purposely gone AX8 to reduce the amount of gear to haul to gigs and rehearsals. IMO, a UPS is way overkill. A decent power strip for surge protection is what I use. I always plan for a backup situation, spare cables, etc just in case, but that's it.
  7. musicman77

    AX8 V3.52 Release

    Thanks FAS!
  8. musicman77

    Ax8 with guitar power amp and cab - any experience?

    I'm using the AX8 exclusively in my live and rehearsal rig. Live, it doesn't matter to the house (audience) what is on stage…they don't hear the stage sound, so I recommend you work on getting the sound you want out of the PA, and getting used to the AX8 sound out of a house-supplied stage...
  9. musicman77

    This AX8 thing works...

    I've had a similar mix-up with plugging in my expression pedal. So, I started color-coding my expression pedal cables with a little bit (i.e. one wrap) of colored electrical tape at the end of the cable, and a corresponding piece of same color tape above the respective AX8 jack. Now I just...
  10. musicman77

    How Reliable is the AX8 At A Gig?

    OP, for me, I've logged many gigs/rehearsals/home use…extremely solid performance. I always have a backup with me at gigs, but never had to use.
  11. musicman77

    Problems Tuning An Acoustic?

    BTW, I've never tried my Crowdster using dual outputs, so mentioning just in case….If yours is a + or ++, make sure to try with the pickup button pushed in; this is the way I use it, so that the guitar's output jack is always summed mono. I also never use the mini-toggle switch, as I always...
  12. musicman77

    Problems Tuning An Acoustic?

    Crowdster Plus. I can toggle to either the acoustic or mag pickup and both are fine with the AX8 tuner. I can also blend either one, or both, and same good results with the tune.
  13. musicman77

    Problems Tuning An Acoustic?

    I regularly gig with my Crowdster and AX8; never had an issue with the AX8's tuner. Check your input level, instrument cable, Crowdster output jack / battery, etc.
  14. musicman77

    AX8 V3.50 Released

    Wow! Just wow! THANK YOU!
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