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Recent content by mrpollack

  1. mrpollack

    Love new Quantum V6.2 beta :-) Wah wah sounds better then ever now :-)

    Love new Quantum V6.2 beta :-) Wah wah sounds better then ever now :-)
  2. mrpollack

    AXE 8 VS. Helix GAME Over!!!

    I had Helix for few days just to check it out with my Friedman BE100 with 4CM , but on last day it got "black screen of death" and refused to recover by factory reset etc.. so sent back to the shop and don't even looking back.. And those gaps between presets are huge to my ears ! Impossible to...
  3. mrpollack

    Firmware 13.07 really really low end heavy

    In my case I love this low end ! It is now, what was missing all the time before this update.. Thanks Cliff :-)
  4. mrpollack

    MFC-101 with G Lab Wah Pad WP

    Hi I used to use this thing and it works great..
  5. mrpollack

    I think my axe FX is fried :(

    I believe it's this one : LPT42 Emerson / Astec Power | Mouser
  6. mrpollack

    VIDEO: Matrix GT1000FX & Port City OS2x12 V30 Demo - Sean Ashe

    It's like my lovely setup ,except that my Matrix is GT1500FXBD :-) I love it !
  7. mrpollack

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    I dont know what Cliff has done this time but this box sound now better then ever before !!! Thanks a lot Cliff-my God send :-)
  8. mrpollack

    FW10 has really F-d UP my Mesa Patches :( ... lot's of work or back to V6???

    To me all Rectos in new FW sound incredible !
  9. mrpollack

    Port City OS2x12 + Matrix GT1000FX - My Thoughts

    I can't Stand waiting for my PC OS 2x12 cab ! As for a handle on the top I just ordered mine with custom made two handles on both sides of the cab.. I gues my right hand is long enough already ha ha..
  10. mrpollack

    MFC No Axe Fx Mode - Reveal mode question

    Fixed :) Reset made the thing.. Thanks Matt for your help and support ! jacek
  11. mrpollack

    MFC No Axe Fx Mode - Reveal mode question

    Hi guys When I use MFC with my other tube amps systems (not axe fx mode),when I press REAVEL button the first low 5 buttons doesn't show real IA status of those buttons in stored in MFC presets. (led of ,let say active preset no.4 is on, and it's all I can see..and it should go off, if under...
  12. mrpollack

    Some V10 Plexi Love. Led Zeppelin Content

    Sounds amazing lol :-)
  13. mrpollack

    V10 Update

    Thanks Cliff once again for the best piece of gear at my studio :-) I love this black box a lot !!!
  14. mrpollack

    Matrix Stuff!

    I use now Axe Fx II plus Matrix GT1500FXGT plus Cornford cabs (2x12,4x12) = AMAZING sound,punch,tone !!!
  15. mrpollack

    Version 10.0 Sample

    I love when someone plays with deep feeling on the guitar,which actually I find very rare these days . That's why I use Axe Fx made by this guy ..then it works ..Very nice :)
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