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Recent content by mr_fender

  1. mr_fender

    Parallel chain with shunt adds gain ?

    When you split the signal to another row, you are sending an identical copy of the source signal to the new row. Parallel rows add together to increase the total signal level when they rejoin. So, for example, if you've got 3 blocks in parallel, you end up adding 3 copies of the signal back...
  2. mr_fender

    Single vs multiple volumes

    Worked pretty well for EVH on Hot for Teacher. The clean parts are the neck pickup of his '58 Flying V rolled off and he switches to the bridge full up for the heavy parts. I've never had much use for dual tone knobs, but dual volumes come in quite handy for quick dirty/clean switches like...
  3. mr_fender

    Accurate low-end in Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Mark V, JP-2C

    Starting with the bass at about 1 is par for the course when dialing in a Mark series Boogie. They basically have a blackface Fender pre-gain tone stack and share the same tendency to get flubby when pushed hard. If you take something like a Deluxe Reverb and drive it hard, it tends to sound...
  4. mr_fender

    Wish Cab Select "Auto-Audition"

    With the picker pinned, you can select a cab and then use the arrow keys to scroll through more cabs in the picker window while playing. If it's not pinned, the picker window disappears once you select a cab. Edit: The behavior must have changed at some point with Axe Edit. In the past you...
  5. mr_fender

    How do I test for latency compensation when using AxeIII as interface?

    When you are recording the click test, you are measuring round trip latency (both playback and recording). When you do the test playing live along with the DAW's metronome, you are only getting recording latency. That's why the 597 setting is too high. It's compensating too much and pushing...
  6. mr_fender

    Wish Cab Select "Auto-Audition"

    Click the pin icon on the picker window to make it stay in place after selecting a cab. It will go from being a sideways floating pin to diagonal poked in one.
  7. mr_fender

    Wish Add Dry Level Parameter to All the Fuzz Drives

    All of the Fuzz models do pass dry signal at 0% mix with 17.01 betas on my MK1, but in most of them it is considerably quieter than the wet and you have to crank the level to hear them. Not sure why there's such a level discrepancy. The dry level is quite a bit lower than the bypassed dry...
  8. mr_fender

    Wish Add Dry Level Parameter to All the Fuzz Drives

    The MIX control is blending dry signal from the drive block's input with the wet driven signal. Since the drive circuit almost always adds a lot of signal gain, the wet signal ends up louder than the dry signal. You can hear the difference by comparing the output level between 0% and 100% MIX...
  9. mr_fender

    Wish Add Dry Level Parameter to All the Fuzz Drives

    Drive circuits that have feedback loop clipping like Tube Screamer style drives have some amount of dry signal that bleeds through by default. Because the clipping diodes are in the feedback loop of the op amp, some signal makes it through unclipped. For those types, turn down the Dry Level...
  10. mr_fender

    Monitor in DAW only

    Use the OUT 2 block in your preset instead of the OUT 1 block. Record that using USB Inputs 3 & 4. That stops the live audio from getting to Output 1, so you'll only hear the DAW Playback/monitoring via USB Outputs 1 & 2 there.
  11. mr_fender

    How to turn direct monitoring off???

    Just use the OUT 2 block on the grid instead of OUT 1. Record that output using USB inputs 3 & 4. Keep DAW playback on USB Outputs 1 & 2 to send them to Output 1 and the headphone jack on the FM3. No OUT 1 block is needed for DAW playback. It goes to the hardware outputs, not the grid. You...
  12. mr_fender

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    I can't remember exactly why, but it was like that with the Axe II as well. I have a habit of keying in values directly in AxeEdit, so the modifier MIN and MAX values have always been outliers in that regard.
  13. mr_fender

    Scene switching using an FM3 ?

    Send CC messages from the FM3 instead of PC messages. CC#34 values zero through 7 will select scenes 1 through 8 respectively by default on the FX8.
  14. mr_fender

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    Yep it's pretty much the only way to dial in exact MIN and MAX values for modifiers since those don't allow direct entry of values.
  15. mr_fender

    Is my Headphone Jack Normal?

    Must be one of those obsolete Mk1's like I've got. :p
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