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Recent content by Mr.RangoTango

  1. Mr.RangoTango

    Usb connection kills sound from output

    Thanks bakerman! It worked! Will I have to change this everytime though? Paperjace, thanks to you as well
  2. Mr.RangoTango

    Usb connection kills sound from output

    Logic Pro X I'm using the axe as input and my mackie onyx satellite as output
  3. Mr.RangoTango

    Usb connection kills sound from output

    Right now when I want to use axe-edit afterwards I have to unplug the usb cable and restart my axe in order to get any sound from my output
  4. Mr.RangoTango

    Usb connection kills sound from output

    Hi there.. I want to record through usb but there's no audio coming through. It also takes over the output 2 and kills it. Axe edit works though and I have all the drivers and latest firmwares. Halp!
  5. Mr.RangoTango

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.02 Firmware Release

    i feel like all of the high gain presets are very boomy now, do i need to do something?
  6. Mr.RangoTango

    what albums has the axe been used on?

    On this atmospheric black metal album!
  7. Mr.RangoTango

    Anybody who uses compressor with their high gain settings?

    aaaactually! I just had the optical line comp on my clean channel and by accident left it on on my high gain scene. It is incredible! So tight, spanky and really pushes the speaker
  8. Mr.RangoTango

    Just bought an Atomic CLR MKII

    Hi there! I just bought this beautiful piece of equipment so now I'm wondering if you guys have any tips n tricks for this speaker? Everything from gainstaging to IR's :-) How do you go about this speaker?
  9. Mr.RangoTango

    Ambient patch makes loud swoosh when selected

    Hey guys currently I'm having trouble with a modified "galaxy" ambient patch I downloaded from here. When I switch to that preset it makes a really loud swoosh sound like all the effects are being triggered immediately. Is there a way to control this? Another thing. I have a boss fv500...
  10. Mr.RangoTango

    Let Mother Earth wash you away; listen to Danish atmospherical black metal

    Long title is long indeed. I've been on this board for many years now and during those years both my playing style, my ears and my tones have changed. I started out chugging away with dimebag but now five years later me and my band Morild (DK) have released our first EP "VI" which is far out in...
  11. Mr.RangoTango

    Creating/editing presets offline?

    glad to see I'm not the only one looking for this feature (:
  12. Mr.RangoTango

    Creating/editing presets offline?

    Hey guys. I'm sitting here staring at the rain through my window. I don't have my axe fx as it sits in the rehearsal room - needless to say I am extremely bored. Is there a way to create axe fx presets or just edit existing presets and then just plug in the computer and update? This might...
  13. Mr.RangoTango


  14. Mr.RangoTango

    How to sync axe tempo with drummer?

    thank you guys! So it sounds like it's impossible to sync the roland with my axe. :( I am trying to sync the looper with my drummer's click which he receives from his Roland! I have already set the correct bpm in each preset but (!!) that doesn't mean that we are "starting" at the same time...
  15. Mr.RangoTango

    How to sync axe tempo with drummer?

    I am definitely not very familiar with the midi-realm. I just know that I have immense trouble tapping the tempo so that I'm perfectly synced with the drummer and his roland click. Can someone help me out here? :) How should the roland be set up (and the same with the axe fx) ? Do I really...
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