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Recent content by Moshermax9

  1. Moshermax9

    Bass Tone

    So I just started playing bass for a new band and im trying to get a nice deep bass tone similar in the vein of trapped under ice. Any suggestions??
  2. Moshermax9

    Nine Inch Nails

    From my findings Trent uses Kemper now. But also to top it all off with the show Trent threw his Gibson Es335 so damn high in the air and it just slammed into the stage. Was the most rockstar thing ive seen in awhile
  3. Moshermax9

    Nine Inch Nails

    Saw NIN this weekend at Day for Night Festival, and wow was that an experience! Especially in the pouring rain hearing legends kill it. Also just the band was on point. It stills amazes me to this day hearing a band, especially with the guitars and bass going direct.Robin uses an Axe I know that...
  4. Moshermax9

    2003 Fender Showmaster

    I just picked up this 2003 Korean Fender Showmaster, and absolutely love it! But I can find very limited information on specs on it. I do know it was fenders last shot at a superstrat before acquiring Charvel and Jackson. I can find most specs from older reverb posts, but nowhere on what pick up...
  5. Moshermax9

    GNR Rig Rundown

    Has anyone seen it.Im halfway through it is the most comphrehensive rundown ever. If you haven't seen it do yourself a favor and enjoy the hour worth of rig rundowns for all of GNR!!
  6. Moshermax9

    Output Clipping

    Ah the work blues.
  7. Moshermax9

    Output Clipping

    Well best thing is post your patches on where the clipping is occuring. I am not at home at the moment so I cant but im sure someone will open them up and test them.
  8. Moshermax9

    Output Clipping

    Its digital clipping. You need to do proper gain staging. Here is a link to a thread yek wrote about clipping and it also has a link to a video which probably will help you out https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/about-clipping.47443/
  9. Moshermax9

    Position of wireless receiver

    I use a G90 in my rack it sits in front, but I wouldn't see much of a difference if you put it in the back. It has killer range, as someone posted earlier unless you were playing a huge arena you probably won't see a drop out or artifacts.
  10. Moshermax9

    Possible blown speaker

    My avatar 1X12 cab did smell burnt at one price from pushing it to hard. Be aware I was using it in conjunction with my 4X12 so my drummer could hear my playing as a monitor.;Now when it was in use sthe cab started to smell burning but not smoke or anything of the sort. I immediately stopped...
  11. Moshermax9

    My Journey To Fractal - By Devin Townsend - Part 1+2

    THIS IS AWESOME. The fact my thread spawned the great Devin Townsend to respond, and give an epic tale of tone is amazing. I have been a huge fan for so long, and getting to hear how his rig has evolved is just amazing. Can't wait to see you Decemebr 10th in Houston with Clutch! Also thanks for...
  12. Moshermax9

    Pros Switching to Kemper

    I guess I am running off of just live usage in his case. Because knowing devin he loves gear, and would utilizy the axe as much as he can
  13. Moshermax9

    Pros Switching to Kemper

    I think you have hit the nail on the head with that analogy !
  14. Moshermax9

    Pros Switching to Kemper

    I am honestly not going off of anything besides what I have noticed really. I am not going by numbers. I just noticed even fractal players like Devin Townsend who praised it has even switched over. So wanted to get everyones take on it.
  15. Moshermax9

    Pros Switching to Kemper

    I know probbaly posting this on the Fractal Forum might get biased answers, but I really just wanna bring up something I have noticed very recently with some bands. And would like to see what everone thinks about it. So I frequent watching alot of rig rundowns. I like to see what everyone is...
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