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Recent content by Moltenmetalburn

  1. Moltenmetalburn

    Tube Tone from a Tube Pedal into the Axe FX II

    I have always done this, restore "real" amp feel with passives. Not usually looking for tone. The axe can handle that. The axe feel is great but not the same. I have been ABing this way since I got my axe2 which was first batch. Maybe mkii are better in this regard. Study up on the...
  2. Moltenmetalburn

    How to avoid "Woolliness" of tone

    pre distortion bass eq. try the bass cut switch first.
  3. Moltenmetalburn

    Guitar cables. What's your flavor?

    colossal cable.
  4. Moltenmetalburn

    Black Line on LCD Display ??

    Reseat display cable if out of warranty. If in warranty contact fractal for permission.
  5. Moltenmetalburn

    Very specific noise gate theory/questions...

    previous to the axe i always used a gate before the amp, and a noise supressor in the loop. silent and powerful. gate the guitar, suppress the gain staging hiss. beware the nomenclature, for instance the BOSS ns2 says suppressor on it but it is a gate! choose by circuit function, not name.
  6. Moltenmetalburn

    Amazing what wire can do

    but cables don't matter. to the deaf...
  7. Moltenmetalburn

    Anyone have success with the Stylus pick?

    it works if you need it. i bought one and found my technique in those areas was already fine and saw zero improvement.
  8. Moltenmetalburn


    def not twin jet, sounds nothing like the one i had.
  9. Moltenmetalburn

    Noise problem solved: Stay Away From These Guitar Cables

    Ugh the "creationists" of the guitar world... Cables make a difference. Period. It is understanding how/when that eludes guitarists which leads to many arguments on the issue. Here is the straight dope: All shielding issues aside, well assume the cable is shielded and not noisy...
  10. Moltenmetalburn

    Axe FX II + Tube Amp help?

    I prefer, Global power amp sims off. Speaker distortion minimum, transformer distortion minimum. Set axe output to taste for power amp distortion. In the advanced settings change the power amp filtering of the highs and lows to 20/20. Let the real power amp define the cutoffs. Set...
  11. Moltenmetalburn

    Anything Fryette (VHT)

    Plus ten, fryette gear would be great, a pittbull and a sig x.
  12. Moltenmetalburn

    Matrix vs. Tube poweramp

    2/90/2 pretty neutral. Decent thump, not as much as a full size head. I went up to the 2150 and the full size transformers yield full size tone. Smaller iron sounds smaller.
  13. Moltenmetalburn

    ebay sell - paypal pending ??? can it be a scam

    Just another one of ebay bullshit polices . I've dealt with that wait a few times also. No issues.
  14. Moltenmetalburn

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    Yes the list IS overwhelming lol. No option paralysis for me thanks, ENFP problems.
  15. Moltenmetalburn

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    Not sure why I feel like biting onto this obvious bait, feisty day I suppose, I have many. Oh really?! BK humbuckers retail as a set for $309-$384 that is approximately $150 and $170 each pickup. Manlius, smits, BG, and MANY others hit the $80-90 mark depending on add one covers etc... That...
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