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Recent content by Moke

  1. Moke

    FM3 Presets [Moke's Custom Presets] FM3 Master Thread - Firmware 3.xx/4.xx now available

    Updated 3 more 'Humbucker' versions of my "Artist' FM3 presets to firmware 4.01 'Cygnus'. All of them have had the Amp and Delay blocks reset, and are also compatible for 4.01. No need to perform the new 'Update All Presets' command in the Utilities menu with these. The 'Detroit Rock City'...
  2. Moke

    AFIII Presets [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III Master Thread - Updated to Firmware 14/16 'Cygnus'! New 'Triple-Gain' (HB) Versions

    Updated 3 more 'Humbucker' versions of my "Artist' Axe-Fx III presets to firmware 16.05 'Cygnus'. Contact me to report any presets that have stopped working, or that sound really 'off'. I will try to get a few more done as soon as I can Moke's Another Rainy Night V2.3 (HB) 'Axe-Fx 3' (16.05)...
  3. Moke

    Wish "Global" Low Req Freq for Amp Block

    Not what you wanted, but there is a new 'Batch Setter' function in the editor that would allow you to change that parameter's value for a specific channel, or all channels of multiple presets.
  4. Moke

    The Mother of All Effects Blocks Thread (Multi-Model Edition)

    Mine uses an expression pedal, so not sure if it was me? Sorry for the de-rail. Only posting because of the mention.
  5. Moke

    Wish Can we have a couple more VolPan instances per preset?

    I was thinking that maybe you were using scenes to select them? If you are manually switching this, then you will need 4 blocks to do that. But there are a lot of low CPU blocks that can pan their outputs.
  6. Moke

    Which type of external switch would allow me to tap for next preset and hold for previous?

    Oops:oops:, You are correct. Had the FM9 on my mind.
  7. Moke

    Wish Can we have a couple more VolPan instances per preset?

    Thanks Marcel, You could also explore selecting which outboard loop is active by panning the signal as it is sent out of the Out 3 and Out 4 blocks instead of the returns. One channel panned Center (both connected effects receive a signal) One channel panned Left (only the left connected...
  8. Moke

    Which type of external switch would allow me to tap for next preset and hold for previous?

    The FM3 unfortunately does not support a dual switch into a single jack via a TRS cable. (Sorry, Fake News:D) If you are only wanting to add 1 switch, a single, 'momentary', 'normally open', switch with a standard TS cable will work fine as a 'stand-in' switch. I've been stomping on one of...
  9. Moke

    Wish Can we have a couple more VolPan instances per preset?

    Do you ever need to use both outboard effects connected to 'Input 3' or 'Input 4' at a time? If not, a single Vol/Pan block could use channels to select which side of it's input is being used. Also check out the 'Multi-Plexer' block, it also has the ability to select which row, and which side...
  10. Moke

    Import of Presets from III into FM9 causes tap delay times to be cut in half

    Any word on this? One of the many selling points of the newest generation of Fractal Audio modelers (FM3, FM9, Axe-Fx III, FC-6, FC-12) is the cross-platform compatibility. It seems that there are other issues too. Working with a client with an FM9, using my Axe-Fx III to load his preset, make...
  11. Moke

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    Would the addition of a 'Compander' help here? Loving it in the Delay blocks.
  12. Moke

    Suggested preset or amp settings for Vocal/Vowely PAF tone? I do have Austin Buddy LIVE GOLD preset pack....

    A lot of those vintage blues tones have a wonderful 'comb filtered' sound, maybe from using a mix of mics at different distances, close, room, back of an open back cab, etc... Try putting a 'Filter' block in front of the Amp, set to 'FF Comb'. 'Delay Time' around 4 ms (+/- 1) and 'Depth' to...
  13. Moke

    New album Tribulations done with Fractal gear!

    Really good stuff brother! All the way around. You should be very proud!
  14. Moke

    Is it me or the sound guy?

    They should be leaving a bit of headroom? make sure that you send them your hottest 'solo' preset/scene to make sure that you have as much room as possible when FOH is line checking you. I have all my 'Solo' scenes already a few dB louder, and with a little more mids to cut through the mix...
  15. Moke

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Yes, Shift+Right-click on the parameter to open options menu. You can select channel(s), and the range of presets
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