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Recent content by mojave

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    R3FX Cab Simulator IRs

    I have the rack mount of it pretty cool sounding
  2. M

    Bad Cat Lynx 50

    tone match it
  3. M

    Perfect Strangers Cover

    kicks ass :)
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    Dream Theater - About To Crash (Reprise) Cover

    Bump for killer playing
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    Just getting by

    Just getting by
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    PSA EV ZLX12 - 349.99 at GC

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    PSA EV ZLX12 - 349.99 at GC

    How do the sound for cab IRs ? Was tossing idea for a pair cause of price or one Atomic CLR wedge. Kinda favor the EV for other uses also as PA use and play music on them at home thxs..
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    Old school metal

    nice job
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    New tune, all guitars are with Axe-FX II

    I just burned my guitar
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    Rough Jam video

    not my music but you just kicked my ass :O)
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    Mark IV Lead Tone Demo - Improvised Jam Video

    Love it great playing and tone
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    Tonematching a Marshall JVM 410H

    VLC Media player
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