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Recent content by MKeditor

  1. MKeditor

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    I'm new to using the send and return blocks so I don't know if it's supposed to be this way but....when you add a return block the return level is set to 0. I spent a bit of time searching for what I had done wrong before discovering this ridiculously simple answer. I'm not sure if anyone would...
  2. MKeditor

    Lexicon PCM70: Pan & Circular Delays

    These are great. It's wonderful to have my circular delay working properly again. I'm grateful for those who contribute.
  3. MKeditor

    Lexicon PCM70: Pan & Circular Delays

    Thank you. I'm been a fan of these delays for years. I've had versions of them on the Axe-FX over the years...but firmware upgrades change and degrades the settings over time. I'm excited to try your new and improved version. I appreciate the time and expertise. Thanks for sharing.
  4. MKeditor

    Jumper Inputs on a Tweed Deluxe?

    I know there's presets for jumpered Marshalls. Is there one for the normal and microphone input on a tweed deluxe?
  5. MKeditor

    Who here is using FracPad with Axe-Fx III?

    Interesting. What's the best way to connect it? USB?
  6. MKeditor

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    Yes. Back in 2008. I did keep a 1967 Princeton that I would fire up once in a while...but I could achieve the same tone from the black box so I sold it six years ago.
  7. MKeditor

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    Which cab are you using for this?
  8. MKeditor

    Compressors in AXE FX III

    I have difficulty getting a hard, spanky compression like in Billie Jean, Dann Huff on Amy Grant's Wise Up or Steve Lukather with Los Lobotomys on the live version of Jorainbo. I'm pretty sure Dann and Steve were using MXR Dynacomp in front of the amp and DBX 160X in the loop. If anyone knows...
  9. MKeditor

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    The Atomic CLRs arrived yesterday. They do sound a bit different. Bottom end is more present. After going back and forth A/B'ing them, I do find the CLRs to be more true. I didn't find it to be night and day though. Nevertheless I'm very happy with them. Thank you to everyone for their input.
  10. MKeditor

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Clean set up. Looks like a fly rig. This is definately a church. The fake plant is a give away. Something about the carpet too.
  11. MKeditor

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    I'm standing close so a coaxial monitor is better than two drivers side by side. I'm fine with a good coaxial wedge...but they cost just as much or more. I really like EAW monitors but they're $1500 each.
  12. MKeditor

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    I'm in the Portland, OR area.
  13. MKeditor

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    I have found someone that will sell me a pair of barely used original Atomic CLRs for $1500. I know they're heavier. Do you guys think that would be a good choice?
  14. MKeditor

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    All the files I can find are your guitar. I meant an mp3 of a song. That is something that to me is far more revealing that just a guitar. For example, your sound clips are helpful to hear how the monitors are different from each other but I can't know which one is truer to the signal. I do like...
  15. MKeditor

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    According to what's be posted here the Atomic won't be available anytime soon. I did write them and place myself on the waiting list but if it's going to be many months I'll have to choose something else. I've been hearing good things about the RCF for a while now. But it's big, heavy and I'm...
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