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Recent content by mixministermike

  1. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    You may wish to perform RESET SYSTEM PARAMETERS after installing this version if you are upgrading from a version prior to 4.00 beta 4. Remember: You can back up the complete set of FC layouts using FM3-Edit and re-import it after the reset.
  2. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    Reset your system parameters so that the new additions get initialized correctly. It's bullet point #3 of important things to be aware of in the initial post.
  3. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    The chirping when Tap Tempo is on an active layout is gone with Beta 5. I never had "unusual" fan ramping behavior (well, with the FM3 fans - real life band "fans" is an entirely different story...)
  4. mixministermike

    4cm lots of noise

    Hum-x took the hiss and him away with 4cm for me. Humbuster cables helped a bit, but the Hum-x made it silent like my pedalboards are, even with my normal non-humbuster 4cm snakes.
  5. mixministermike

    Wish Revv Generator 120 Red and Purple Channels

    Love my Generator 100P Mk3 and my G20. I run 4CM with my FM3. Obviously I'd love to see the Green/Purple/Red channels with all aggression/drive modes modeled!
  6. mixministermike

    Wish EDIT Button Cycle Order setting

    Hello, I'd like the ability to switch the on-device EDIT button behavior for repeated taps to step through all blocks in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom order as an alternative to the existing top-to-bottom, left-to-right order. This alternative order more closely maps to how blocks are laid...
  7. mixministermike

    John Cordy: Is the FM3 under powered?

    The crazy baiting titles, the dumb thumbnails - Youtube MAKES you do those if you want the algorithm to work. Otherwise it literally won't promote your videos, including to your own subscribers.
  8. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 3

    I've got the faint clicking too, when tap tempo is one of the footswitches. When I roll back to 3.0x it goes away. Roll forward and it's back. I am not experiencing unusual fan behavior
  9. mixministermike

    Online Jamming

    I use Jam Kazam a couple times a month, but don't use the FM3 as part of the system. We bring our singer in from about 350 miles away, the rest of us are in my rehearsal space. We have two room mics set up so our singer can hear us, and we route his vocals through the rehearsal PA. Then we throw...
  10. mixministermike

    New FM3 - Different Screen?

    Yes, exactly. The blue tint is not there, and the colors pop! It really looks great.
  11. mixministermike

    New FM3 - Different Screen?

    Hi Greg! If you look at the second pic of this post (with the FM3 turned on) you should be able to see some blue "tint" or backlight wash on the right side (well, bottom the way the pic is oriented) of the screen- that I'm referring to. That's the way my previous two FM3s looked. It would...
  12. mixministermike

    New FM3 - Different Screen?

    I just purchased and took receipt of a new FM3. I've owned two FM3s in the past, both with and without headphone jacks, that were sold to bandmates that I haven't seen in quite a while so I can't directly compare. The one I just received seems to have a different screen, with less/no backlight...
  13. mixministermike

    What power amp do you use with your FM3?

    When all the clubs open back up in my state, most will have new owners. Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170, QSC K10.2, or Sennheiser IEM system if I'm not plugging my FM-3 in as an FX-only unit with my tube amps.
  14. mixministermike

    [Solved] How Do I Propagate MIDI Block Scene w Program Change?

    I'm not seeing that behavior between my FM3 > MIDI > Revv G20 amp. It consistently sends the PC upon patch change.
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