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Recent content by Mike Snider

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    AX8 with acoustic guitars.

    Absolutely. I play a ton of acoustic thru the ax8. The Parametric eq's. are an outstanding tool for acoustic tone. Doesn't matter that you may not need the amp modeling (it's always there if you want it). For consistency in tone, ease of setup, flexibility in signal chain...the unit is...
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    Question about routings

    Tuner does not work on input 2
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    Strange issue

    Honestly no....that may be a quicker and smoother work around in the event it happens again. If it does occur again, ill take a few minutes to investigate instead of just getting back to work.
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    Strange issue

    Yes, I built the preset about 7 years ago- updated thru the years with firmware changes and hardware upgrades (standard>Ultra>AXII). I ported to AX8 a year or so ago. It has a PEQ block which could be affected, but I did not dig into the block when the issue occurred. Simply rebooted. In that...
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    Strange issue

    I've gigged with that cable 6 times in the last week on other equipment, totaling 20+ hours with no issue. The Axe 8 remains corrupt until reboot. I dont think it's a bad cable.
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    Strange issue

    I've been using Fractal products for 8 or 9 years, haven't had a single issue at a gig related to my equipment in all those years other than user error. However, I've experienced a strange issue at my last two practices that I wanted to bounce off folks here to see if anyone else has had the...
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    Acoustic through AX8

    imho great acoustic tone comes from proper eq. The AX8 has plenty of eq available. Spend some time with the para -eq to get the tone you are looking for, then add desired effects- tube pre, delay or whatever.
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    Ax8 for acoustic gigs??

    Stubs- I just read thru it I just read the tonedexter page (sorry, should have done that first). An impulse as you described will probably get you there. My approach is to use the Para EQ to make the corrections. Pickups add unnecessary, unwanted frequencies- but you can slice them out with...
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    Ax8 for acoustic gigs??

    Just curious as to what your end goal is? Are you trying to get your amplified acoustic to sound like your acoustic unplugged?
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    Ax8 for acoustic gigs??

    I used the fx loop as acoustic in for a long time (on axefx). I didn't like that I couldn't use the tuner thru fx loop, so I went back to using http://www.soundsculpture.com/abcadabra this midi controlled A/B box. Both guitars go into input 1, the patch triggers the a/b which keeps my acoustic...
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    AX8 vs LR Baggs Venuefor Acoustic work

    The AX8 is an excellent tool for acoustic. True, I don't have the need for a bazillion presets when using an acoustic-truth be told I use up to 3- but the quality of the processing in the AX8 for whatever your setup is a no brainier to me. Added bonus, an electric preset is a foot switch away...
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    Acoustic Patch

    Sounds great. I use para EQ for my acoustic. No amp block, no cab or body sim ir. I use the para eq to cut whatever the pickups adds and get back to the natural sound of my acoustic. People tell me it's the best acoustic tone they've heard, it's really just a great sounding guitar.
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    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Alright, I'll play. If I need a monitor, I use a Renkus Heinz CF 121M, otherwise Ill go thru thru what is available at the venue. Loving the simplicity of the AX8
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    Diming the controls in amp block

    Actually...mine goes to 11
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    Good presets and effects to use when playing acoustic

    I use the PEQ to dial in my acoustic, all cuts no boosting. Very articulate. If I need ambiance I add a parallel chain of multi delay.
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