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Recent content by migueledge

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    Looking for "I want to break free" preset

    Hey, I´m looking for a good preset for "i want to break free", I do not care if it's paid Thanks
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    Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Hey, I´m looking for a good preset for creedence clearwater revival (bad moon rising), actually I play in a band cover and i have a lot of work to learn. Can you help me with it?
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    Satisfaction Rolling Stone Presets

    Hey, I´m looking for a preset for a rock tibute band. I´m looking for a preset for satisfaction.
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    Why does everything I play sound muddy?

    Have you tried lowering the guitar input in the I / O menu? Try abaut 40% of imput level
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    Help, Rolling Stones presets

    I´m looking for a good stone preset, do you recomend my some pack?
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    David Bowie "Heroes"

    Amazing tone, thanks for your support
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    Help, Rolling Stones presets

    Hello, I´m looking for presets for a rock tribute band. I would like to know if any factory preset corresponds to a preset of rolling stones or Keith Richard. I tried to make a preset for satisfaction with a fender amp and cab and master fuzz but I do not get the satisfaction tone. Can you...
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    Rebel Rebel patch request

    Interesting I would like it.
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    David Bowie "Heroes"

    Great Job, have you got the preset?
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    AXE FX2 XL like a sound card

    The problem was USB RETURN LEVEL, i set it to 0 and WOW;):)
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    AXE FX2 XL like a sound card

    Yes, is it set to analog (in1), but the sound is through the preset:(
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    VooDoo Labs GCPro and Axe-Fx Scenes

    this method is not working for me Question about it: 1) I have my GCPro setup with 8 IA's and 4 preset buttons, When I try to change banks, instead of starting at "5", jump to "11". This is one of the problems, and I do not understand why. 2) Another problem is that with this method I can...
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    AXE FX2 XL like a sound card

    Excuse for me poor English, The last year i used a Helix like multifx and preamp. I used it with my band, but the most of the time i used it like and audio interface, like a sound card at home. I played guitar and the same time like and audio player for backing tracks video or music. The last...
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    FRFR Practice Amp

    160w for home is too much, I´ll go for a pair of Near field monitors around 6" and if you have enough espace for 8", KRK Rokit it´s a good option.
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    Is there a universally-recognized best U2/vox setting?

    you can dowload the bes patches from U2 guitar tutorial, you can heard it at youtube
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