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Recent content by midifine

  1. midifine

    Blade Guitars - Blade RH4

  2. midifine

    Blade Guitars - Blade RH4

  3. midifine

    Happy Christmas Everyone!!

  4. midifine

    Peter Florance Telecaster Set

    Bought the Florance Telecaster Set, I find them really great, just give them a try:) ...and the Voodoo Sweet 56 for Stratocaster... [video]
  5. midifine

    Need Help.. please!!!

    I have bought a Strat and the owner doesn't know which pickups are installed, can anyone please tell me if he know the manufacturer of the pickups in the image? Thanks a lot!!
  6. midifine

    Dirty Loops using AxeFx ?

    Watch this thread http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/89613-henrik-linder-dirty-loops-use-axe-fx-ii.html
  7. midifine

    Fender D'Allen PU's Johnny Blades Mesa Clean

    Fender Stratocaster D'Allen Johnny Blades PU's, Mesa Boogie Rectifier Clean Channel, moving from Neck to Bridge!
  8. midifine

    Henrik Linder - Dirty Loops use the Axe FX II!!

    The bass player Henrik Linder from Dirty Loops use the Axe FX II for Bass, I think he deserved to be on the front page of FRACTAL AUDIO SYSTEMS between the Artists who use the Axe Fx... such a great musician!!!
  9. midifine

    You must see this!!!!

  10. midifine

    Axe-Edit 3.0.9 Released!

    It will be fine if this Picker window work for the Import Preset too, choosing presets for audition from Factory Presets outside from Axe, close every time when one preset is chosen, even if the Picker is enabled.
  11. midifine

    How to determine IR length for UR conversion?

    Insert the wave in your DAW, the long one is UltraRes..;)
  12. midifine

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

    There are so many presets on this plug in and a lot of possibilities to work with.. here is another Clean Demo.. I don't make any promotion to Waves Plugins, but I think they made a good job at this one;)
  13. midifine

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

  14. midifine

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

    The difference using the plugin and making true stereo tracks is not so big, it's just a matter of taste, thought that it's very useful not only for guitars;)
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