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Recent content by Michaelkwatts

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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.03

    14.03 -- system outputs max out and fails when loading / switching to this preset.
  2. M

    Tuner Poll

    A thought - simplify all this with a note display option on the tuner allowing the user to: Display enharmonic equivalents as A) sharp B) flat This options would get you out of guessing what key or tuning the use is targeting and avoid the potential added confusion of displaying relative tuner...
  3. M

    Flange from Within Your Reach by The Replacements

    I've been toying around with trying to approximate the flange from this song - link to a recording for those who are interested: I've seen a thread or two on flange effects and realize that what I don't know about how to work with flange could fill at least a wiki post or two. Is there...
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    Vendor AustinBuddy's new Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack available now for firmware 12.x

    I know it's meant for a tele - but sounds great with a LP on rhythm pickup as well. So inspiring that I've written a lick so catchy it will return the guitar to pop music primacy.
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    Vendor AustinBuddy's new Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack available now for firmware 12.x

    Bought the pack yesterday and want to reiterate how good and helpful this is to bringing the whole axe fx unit into focus. This helps make sense of the tremendous number of tools in the tool box. You've built useable and high quality modules out of a dizzying array of discrete parts that are...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    Very, very good stuff with 5.0. Very good.
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    Setting Delays on the Axe-Fx III?

    Setting the delay characteristics via subdividing a beat vs. setting a specific millisecond delay time are mutually exclusive concepts. Try this to get over the hump: Enter the beats per minute (BPM) of the song you're playing as the tempo for the song THEN set the subdivision. This will...
  8. M

    Can't get a good sound

    Is this is something that can auto set to 5.00 when power amp modeling is turned off to lessen the knowledge burden on the user. I bet it could go back to its original value when power amp modeling is turned back on as well.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

    I don't join the congratulatory/thank-you circle J after firmware releases. I monitor the forum to make sure I'm aware of everything going on but I don't post. The last FW update (7.01) and the motor drive beta (7.02b) are different; Different enough that I'm joining the group grope. These...
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    SRV little wing

    Starting patch for strats looking for something like SRV's tone on little wing. Playing with Larry Mitchell's patches and found that in combination they approached an SRV tone. Was not actively looking for this sounds but thought I'd throw together a recording of the patch with as much of...
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    User cabs not working after upgrading to 2.04

    Just installed 3.00b and it fixed the problem......
  12. M

    User cabs not working after upgrading to 2.04

    Sure there's some user error going on here however after upgrading to 2.04 my user cabs are no longer working/producing any sound. As a specific example - I had installed the preset 'ML Brit 1959' from cab pack 15 and saved the cab to user block #29. This preset had worked previously and now...
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    Will Fractal commercialize presets?

    Makes all the sense in the world. Looking forward to the presets.
  14. M

    Help/Challenge for the strat players in the group

    I can't believe he didn't mention this tone - 'cause it's great. Maybe it's too soon...maybe not? love, m
  15. M

    Help/Challenge for the strat players in the group

    All - Many significant improvements to amp modeling and amp collection as we've moved from Qv1 to Qv2 that have moved us ever closer to the tonal mecca. Of course this statement also holds true for many prior FW advancements. A couple of the strattiest of the strat players that I've worked to...
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