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Recent content by Mic

  1. M

    Nightwish Cover, Ghost love Score

    Wow! Outstanding!!
  2. M

    80s-Style Thrash Riffing

    YAY .. full force ahead! Thumbs up.
  3. M

    Help, please: Axe-Edit says "Disconnected!" all the time

    I had this happen a lot, too, that my PC didn't recognize the AxeFx (-> USB). But, for me, this all happened with the change from Win7 to 10. With Win7, I installed the driver pack back then and could forget about it. Never anything like this happened. But with Win10 and it's 7684345 builds...
  4. M

    I Don't Care - Power Pop Rock Version

    That was very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  5. M

    USA LEAD & ML Sound Lab mesa trad ''EPIC'' MIX IR in ACTION!!!

    Extreme playing here, wow, thumbs up ... oh, and yea, belated happy B-Day.
  6. M

    Metallica - “Orion” cover

    Saugut! Thanks for sharing.
  7. M

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks for the update! Much appreciated. I'm on the fence, to be honest. Something in 2.0 sounds, as if some of the "balls" are missing, kinda thin-something. I'm not quite sure yet.
  8. M

    Sycamore Tree - Hall Of Mirrors

    Really nice song. Thanks for sharing.
  9. M

    What are you GASing for right now?

    Either a Suhr Classic HSS 3 tone sunburst with an rosewood fingerboard, or rather the maple one? ... errr I don't know ... or the Jackson Adrian Smith Sig. in snow white ... choices are a bit more rare when you're a lefty, but I still can't decide with what to fill my GAS'ing :dizzy::grimacing:
  10. M

    "Brothers In Arms" tone - Dire Straits

    That's really fantastic.
  11. M

    The Stampede Hans Zimmer Lion King ***Guitar Cover***

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  12. M

    "Into The Blue"

    Phenomenal! Wow!
  13. M

    Unbearable noise... send help

    So if being pretty sure, this kind of noise comes from dirty electricity (like in my case), will/can something like a Furman P-1400 AR E or something like a Palmer PLI-01 help already?
  14. M

    Axe-Fx 2 XL USB computer communication problem

    Recently I'm having some issue like this, too. I'm having my XL for a few years now, but I never had to remove and/or re-install the driver package as often, as in recent times. I'm not sure if it's Ares related, tho, my guess would more point into the direction of WIN10 (audio/USB section)...
  15. M

    Thoughts about the FCs

    From all that I read so far, I get the impression, that the new FC's are very well catered to studios/studio musicians. With all the above mentioned, (the from/design/size, the extra power supply one would need when daisy chaining the FC's, the missing phantom power for mic's, multi functional...
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