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  1. MetalSlab

    FAS Reverb/Big Sur Compatibility

    Oh man, I was looking to buy this reverb plugin but I've been burned before pretty hard by dropped software support. Can anyone confirm that this has genuinely been updated for the latest OSX?
  2. MetalSlab

    Welcome back old friend

    G'day fellow Aussie. May I ask; How do you config presets and upload cabs? Do you run an old Windows XP system for it?
  3. MetalSlab

    axe edit for axe fx ultra / mac OS Catalina update impossible

    Anyone have an answer to this yet?
  4. MetalSlab

    Axe-edit suddenly doesn't work...

    Please let me know if you worked this problem out. Sorry I can't help. I've been in a similar boat since 2013.
  5. MetalSlab

    New To forum hello

    business model success..
  6. MetalSlab

    Axe-Edit problem - all advices tried, MIDI still doesn´t communicate

    Sounds like far too much admin. Glad you got it resolved though. What OS are you on? I'm on Catalina so I'm assuming my prospects of connecting to the gear are close to nil.
  7. MetalSlab

    New plugin - anyone tried it?

    Anyone tried this one yet?
  8. MetalSlab

    Software to view guitar impulses?

    Grab a Neural DSP plugin and use the cab section. You can easily navigate any of the inbuilt IRs or bring up all of your own custom ones.
  9. MetalSlab

    Axe-Edit problem - all advices tried, MIDI still doesn´t communicate

    I am sorry I can't provide much assistance, other than to reassure you that this is what some of us have been experiencing since purchasing the product many years ago. Imagine buying an Ultra only to have software support dropped thereafter..
  10. MetalSlab

    Digital Modeling of Amps and Speakers VS Analog (Survey)

    Be aware of the impacts of bias in your responses. This forum is not an ideal baseplate as it is, to an extent, subject to significant corporate/organisational bias.
  11. MetalSlab

    Move over Tomas Haake

    Cool clip, but I think you called out the wrong drummer - This is not relevant to Tomas. Try George Kollias (not that I think he would have to qualify his technical proficiency to us mere mortals).
  12. MetalSlab

    Home Studio's - Basement Studio In Progress - Ceiling Question

    Please consider ventilation.. It sounds like superfluous admin but will seriously mitigate health risks.
  13. MetalSlab

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    scale-length is a significant factor here
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