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Recent content by metalfan1xx

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    FW10 has really F-d UP my Mesa Patches :( ... lot's of work or back to V6???

    I think people should get off the OP back. It seems that nobody can say anything negative about the axe fx without a whole buch of people getting stuck into them. Who cares what mark day or Scott Peterson do they are not the be all and end all. It's like this forum is a cult where everyone...
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    Lots of feedback, need help!

    I had a similar problem, even with a noise gate their was still the squeal and feedback. Turned out I had the levels to high in the axe fx. Fixed the problem. Oh yeah I was using high gain amp with a drive Block in front for metal.
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    4CM Level Difficulties

    Sorry, I wasn't having a go and I appreciate your help. What I meant was that it seems that most people are using their axe fx direct. It just seems to me that it is not as common therefore doesn't attract as much attention.
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    4CM Level Difficulties

    I find it hard to get help with 4cm questions on here.
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    Altars - Paramnesia [Death Metal/ Axe FX II]

    Sounds amazing guys, I'm from Adelaide too!
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    AXE doing funny things?

    Cheers mate, it's fw 10 and I'm I'm listening through krk 6 and I have noticed it on the 5153. I don't know how to pot a clip. It is not a tone thing it basically takes over the whole sound, sounds like a bass with full distortion with all 4 strings being strummed. Seems like a bug, might have...
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    AXE doing funny things?

    Hi there, Having a problem with the bright switch, when I turn it off I get this weird sound kind of like thunder, thats the only way to describe it? Anyone else had this problem or might know how to fix it? Thanks in advance
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    Info about Axe FX setup

    Hi and welcome. If you are going to play mainly at home all you really need is a computer studio monitors as you can connect via USB. You use the power amp and speaker simulation in the axe fx. I would suggest downloading the manual as it lays out very well what the axe does and how you can...
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    A Bunch of Diezel VH4 Settings

    Looks interesting, will give em a go too.
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    Recording, tracking questions, IR questions, etc.

    No worries man! It is a trail and error thing. I'm a BDM fan too!
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    4cm help please

    Thanks man, that's weird I just responded to your post!
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    Recording, tracking questions, IR questions, etc.

    I find it best to use a slightly different guitar sound for each take. I usually do 1 each side and one with less gain in the middle to fatten it up. Using slightly less gain and doing more tracks can produce some big sounds. For quad tracking you can try panning 2 left and right and another 2...
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    4cm help please

    Hi there, I'm have hooked up my axe 2 to my head for shits and giggles. My question is a bit hard to explain but I will give it ago. I have set it up as outlined in the manual and all good getting sound. My question is how should I set the the front outputs and levels in general? Also the signal...
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    Gate /expander question with 4cm

    No one have any ideas?
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    Gate /expander question with 4cm

    Hi there, Using the 4cm what is the best way to set it up? Is it better to use a separate gate? Thanks in advance
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