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Recent content by merlin17

  1. merlin17

    Xitone 12” active wedge or Atomic CLR for FRFR wedge

    I had a FRFR cab that was said to be FRFR "but not as harsh as most PA wedges". It even won some shootouts in guitar mags. It wasn't FRFR, it was boomy and the treble was warm but not clear and down a few db from 3kHz up. Sounds didn't translate to any PA. Sold it. Bought two CLRs, perfect...
  2. merlin17

    Laney LFR

    You didn't have the cab block active when you played through the PS170/ 2x12 cab or did you?
  3. merlin17

    Gibson Firebird X and SG

    I played all Firebird X's that were at the Gibson booth when it was introduced at Frankfurt Messe a good 10 years ago. Everyone of them was awful, the worst piece of junk I've ever had in my hands. But thrash them??
  4. merlin17

    CLR on speaker stand, anyone?

    Ok, I'm gonna try that. ;-)
  5. merlin17

    CLR on speaker stand, anyone?

    Hmmm. the dispersion is 90x90, no? So what would be the point?
  6. merlin17

    Dynacord AXM-12A with AX8

    Haven't tried the settings comparing volume, sorry. I have one and played a lot through it. It's great!
  7. merlin17

    CLR on speaker stand, anyone?

    I tried two on top of each other. Didn't work for me as the wide dispersion leads to interference (comb filtering) and destroys the otherwise perfect sound. IMO they have to be spaced/angled accordingly.
  8. merlin17

    Dynacord AXM-12A with AX8

    Set it to flat and go (as a wedge F1-Monitor1 or on a stand F5-Main PA). Great wedge!
  9. merlin17

    How I finally got great tone from the Axe-Fx III at gig volumes - RTFM

    I'm not sure why the hipass on the tops would lessen the mids (as it should affect bass response to max. 150Hz IMO and if at all strengthen the mids and clear them up a bit), but I've had my exprerience with FBT, so everything is possible... ;-) A 12" sub with a 12" top is an interesting...
  10. merlin17

    FCs in Europe?

    Coming Monday. ;-)
  11. merlin17

    New Mac Pro coming in the fall

    The Apple monitor comes with a standard stand, too. The special one costs $1k.
  12. merlin17

    FCs in Europe?

  13. merlin17

    "Best" amp (or FRFR) for AX8 live/ gig

    Or wait for a CLR, it seems unavailable right now, even Anderton's don't have them stock...
  14. merlin17

    "Best" amp (or FRFR) for AX8 live/ gig

    If you can afford the AXM12a: buy it, it's great!
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