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Recent content by Maurice

  1. Maurice


    would be nice, sync to a bassdrum or alike
  2. Maurice

    Tone Trick or Treating!

    Your trick with the Ducker in Delay and Reverb, to adjust the attenuation, threshold and release time, is a real eye opener for me, to clean up my sound, thanks Leon
  3. Maurice

    Wish Custom scales

    yes, i know that thread, thanks and yes it works but... it does not behave, as to what it shows in the screen; one changes all 32 in the screen, not in the preset so to my idea it is not solved, maybe try it just hope to find or come to a solution, or it is just me good luck and thanks for all...
  4. Maurice

    Wish Custom scales

    There are 32 custom scales, but if i change one, all others change along in the front screen. My wish is to create a Custom scale and store it, so i can recall it from where i stored it, from one of the 32 scales . As it is now, its very confusing to me. Or maybe i'm missing something, that i...
  5. Maurice

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    Yes, this feels like a small present, very nice and usable preset for live, it is. I enjoy this one very much, as well with single as with HB, with a few tweaks. Big thanks for sharing Brett
  6. Maurice

    Need help with Global scales

    I have the same problem, trying to get grip on this. a bit confusing, changing one of the 32 slots, its showing that it changes all 32 slots again.... Hopefully with next updates it will be simple save and store, per each of the 32 custom scales. Looking forward to play Jessica in a Trio...
  7. Maurice

    Harmony question

    @prometh, very interesting, would you like to share the preset plse, thanks @Bakerman genius
  8. Maurice

    Brian May Style on Axe-Fx

    very nice, preset ?
  9. Maurice

    Little Guys! A selection of smaller amps in a single preset. Free d/l, vid, etc.

    @Burgs, you turn these little guys into really big boy's, huge fun to play and really an amazing sound when playing with my band Many thanks to you, for giving these, and also many other, very nice presets, cheers
  10. Maurice

    Tuner Poll

  11. Maurice

    Tuner Poll

    it's a bit off topic, but again about tuning; maybe there could be an option for tuning instead A= 440 Hz as standard frequency, there could be an option A=432 Hz as an alternative frequency and of course the other notes in relation to that Which is in fact the natural tuning for A, and altered...
  12. Maurice

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    Really Magic, Fabulous sounds, very pleased, thanks FAS
  13. Maurice

    Brian May - Morgan AC20

    nice ! please, where to download this preset, to give it a try ? cheers
  14. Maurice

    FCs in Europe?

    To be delivered by UPS by tomorrow :)
  15. Maurice

    FREE: ML Sound Lab Dual Recto preset + Mesa SM7B IR

    Hi Mikko, Must say, outstanding preset (or A.M.P.) of the Recto, one of the best presets I had over the years during my Axe adventure. Love it, Thanks and thanks
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